With… city ignorant people and man in the boy the exo (EXO) is visited


The exo (EXO protection, chan heat, Ka Dio, hundred string, 3 Korean translation of Chinese character, city ignorant people, chen, ray, base heartburnings, and Chris it is burnt) having the comeback ahead introduced the teaser of the member city ignorant people. The SM Entertainment Company Limited is introducing the teaser of the exo coming back as ‘Tempo’ (tempo) over from 22nd official site and every kind SNS formal account. Because the spoiler sound source of the charisma which is among others polished in ‘Circuit #XIUMIN’ (the circuit # city ignorant people) image opened through every kind SNS exo account including the twitter, facebook, Instagram, and etc. on 26th and which it is wild is felt aspects of the city ignorant people and in which new musical composition ’24/7′ (two Annie four seven) is contained, the hot response is gotten. The regularity 5 album recording song ’24/7′ expresses sensuously the complicated feeling felt night which asks the words which the hit maker Kenji (Kenzie) is in charge of the writing the lyrics and freezes with the medium tempo tune of which the refrain which it catches with the polished sound is impressive to the love man, is cold and comes back and raises the expectation. The exo regularity 5 album ‘DON’ T MESSUP MY TEMPO ‘ (the Donteu messed up MI tempo) opened through every kind of music site is composed of the total 11 tracks of the colorful genre on November 2nd and moreover, the title song ‘Tempo’ (tempo) expresses the mind from the compares to ‘melody’ and loves love she women and who the man that it doesn’t obstruct the tempo. It did. It is expected to enjoy the charming change of the exo and get the good reaction of the global music fans. In the meantime, it is released as the record on November 2nd.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736339.htm, 2018/10/26 11:11:07]