‘yeong-Ju’ and Hyangki Kim taken off the veil come back.


Maine preview of the movie ‘yeong-Ju’ (the supervision Sungdeok Cha) was revealed. CGV opened ‘yeong-Ju’ trailer to the formal SNS channel on 26th. “as who do you consider among the mom or dad if one people visits the Dol child?” to the brother photoprinting (the Ttangjun envelope) in which as to revealed trailer, 19 adults and children Yeong-Ju (hyangki Kim) losing the parents due to the accident is oneStart with the asked scene. The look of Yeong-Ju which is in full bloom at its own question and answers the own question “the appearing dad” is pitiable. After that, Yeong-Ju “is there the number to how see this face of man the Maen day?”It what is that ” mother and father does in the question of the photoprinting to me. Is it everything if it dies like that just? It answers icily and she has the feeling which It becomes the contradiction which she feels surmisable. The feeling deep of Hyangki Kim of the face of Yeong-Ju which seemed to be still vigorous and other unfamiliar face can be gotten sense. After that, “can there be together with the madam?”It is known only that ‘yeong-Ju’ readying to cry is seen to be unfortunate. All Damat the story about the unfamiliar hope which it gets to have while it loses the parents in the moment due to the traffic accident and the movie meets the men who had to roll if the star Yeong-Ju going on living with many difficulties met with the brotherMeantime, ‘yeong-Ju’ opens come November 22nd and the length in seconds is 100 minutes. The seeing class is the age of 12.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736383.htm, 2018/10/26 16:53:37]