It progresses silently to the high Choohyeok Kim 1 anniversary of death commemoration service non-disclosure.


1 commemoration service of the high (late) Choohyeok Kim is planning to progress to the non-disclosure. The NamooActors, that is Choohyeok Kim agency, told the commemoration service-related announcement on 27th. As to namooActors, unawares the year 1 flowed nearl whether ” 故gimjuhyeok actor left for our side. The seat of the cherish one’s memory which is small on the occasion of 1 anniversary of death of the deceased was planning to be made and it revealed. After that, preside over ” high Choohyeok Kim actor 1 anniversary of death commemoration service in the non-disclosure. The details including the place and attendance list, and etc. could be said to be considering the lifetime tendency of the dead who it was trying to take the acquaintances of the dead and time when the colleagues got together and which praises the deceased silently, “***” was simple and the consideration overflown not to open separately. In addition, it told. After bumping into the propulsion and apartment wall due to India after crashing into the Grandeur vehicles while driving its own Benz sports utility vehicle (SUV) in one near main gate of apartment of Seoul Gangnam-gu Samseong-dong Yongdong Boulevard at October last year on 30th, Choohyeok Kim was transmitted. With the car which after Choohyeok Kim takes falling on the next building bottom of stairs after the pile-up accident and overturning the fire happened immediately. It was evacuated after nearby Konkuk university medical center but died.
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