More, this Straigth investigation of accuser “there is no mind and treatment middle. Secondary damage”


This Straigth member ear stone iron · two wins string sibling said more the band which insists to be assaulted to the agency president Kim Changhwan and producer, “it is much difficult and is distressing” “when it hopes that there is no secondary damage”. Ear stone season and two wins string took care to undergo the accuser investigation by police in the afternoon on 26th and it attended the Bangbae Police Station in Seoul. The father and counsel stop seat lawyer who is the legal representative accompanied. In the front of group of reporters, ear stone iron ran up to the will that it will succeed ” dream eagerly. It was much upset and was difficult, it told. After that, it confessed “when it was the fault due to ‘ you, it disjointed, the threat was received due to ‘ you” and added “when it hopes that there is no damage in which it is different in not only our problem but also child abuse or the human rights glass portion”. Ear stone iron “the other members are know all that we have been being blackmailed so far” told “if when the story that it undergoes the investigation by police to is listened, it thinks that idea feels a pain most”. Presently, the Ieun castle, sexual intercourse river, this mistake jeans, and Gimjunuk chose the media line entertainment (under media line) and exclusive contract termination. The media line revealed through formal report data “when the conclusion that it is the best plan to cancel the exclusive contract about 4 members by considering the hurt of the members and future as the first priority was presented” at last 22nd. Ear stone iron emphasized to be and “one which it is refuting (about the verbal abuse · violence) in the company, however, it points out through the investigation authentically and can go over the part which we had done so far”. The one’s younger brother two wins string of ear stone iron revealed “it is much difficult and is distressing” the state of mind. After that, it told the He “even though the producer assaulted the confinement in last June for 4 hours and the blood appeared on the head, it was sly and the Kim Changhwan president told” “it is clear yesterday and this things is so afraid”. In the meantime, it did “the psychiatry treatment is gotten”. Ear stone iron held this Straigth member violence damage press interview in the Gwanghwamun in Seoul attorneys’ hall more at last 19th and revealed “it had been being assaulted to Yeongil Moon producer since 2015 so far in 4 years”. Ear stone steel revealed the violence content detailedly after that Yeongil Moon producer covering CCTV and window and hiting the heap with the baseball bat or binding the guitar string to the neck, it pulled the line and tightened the neck. Additionally, it disclosed to look on this and, the impact was given. The Kim Changhwan president “the singer endless in 30 years with the past geun has been being discovered and the violence is never once instigated or but it has never aided and has never abetted. And even if the members are taught or it has admonished, the verbal abuse has never been assaulted” refuted. More, this Straigth debutted ‘the genius band’ as the concept in 2016. It is the group in which the member this mistake battle formation informs the face in ‘the produce 101 season 2’ and which it becomes famous. The Kim Changhwan president is the composer and producer making the star from the singer Geonmao Kim, Seonghun Shin, and etc.
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