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It is the Eobaen in which the entertainment between the trabecula looks the news over at a time the news. Was there what from 10 months third weeks and stars? The share and ’82 former Kim Geeyeong’ performance decision ‘the goblin uncle’ actor share determined the performance in the movie ’82 former Kim Geeyeong’. It is already expected if ‘woman’s heart’ is and stimulated with any kind of fascination. The movie ’82 former Kim Geeyeong’ is the work which this time sympathizes, it puts the worrying story. The best seller of the same name was written with the original. The extremely common thirties women Kim Geeyeong showing the symptoms the glazing changing suddenly into its own mother sister, and etc. one day and family surrounding her and Damajyo the story of the peripheral people The share plays a role of the husband Jung Dae Hyun of the Kim Geeyeong who is the hero in the current work. As to the Kim Geeyeong role, the essential oil U.S. was in charge. The breathing of 2 people wonders. The Ri to be stood the honest comeback ‘the truth shop’ group F X native stood of the Ri was again at the front of fan. With the reality program ‘the truth shop’ The Seol Ri which it had to meet in the fashion show or Instagram so far It is in a long time. The stood Ri emphasizes the aspects of ‘the human Seol Ri’ in ‘the truth shop’. Until there is the stood Ri from the childhood story, the various subjects are without adjustment confessed. 1 goes out to figure where there is the authenticity stood of the Ri. Immediately, the cheer of the fans is great. It is expected if the Ri which it will stand in the future shows any kind of looks in the broadcasting. The Vs Nancy Lang making ▼ house call and house call battle formation and Nancy Lang determining the divorce after the disturbance once with the press exposure tactics it doesn’t end However, it is in 2 among people with one. It is the press exposure tactics which digs up the tooth part as competed directly. Nancy Lang appeared on CBS standard foreign material ‘the news show of Hyeonjung Kim’ at last 17th and it disclosed “I am one women and it is the miserable situation where it makes up mind with the domestic violence till the divorce” “it is receiving from the husband (the house call battle formation) until the revenge pornography threat”. Try to listen to the insistence of Nancy Lang. The house call gin that the violence of the house call gin became stronger whenever the truth was uncovered and it hit the face in the seat where there are the acquaintances and it did till assault and battery on abductee. It was the men startled all of a sudden. There was not silently the house call gin. The insistence of Nancy Lang was strongly made an objection. He raised “the revenge pornography threat which Nancy Lang insists is the groundless” the voice from OSEN and interview. He disclosed that I was assaulted if Nancy Lang drank whenever the injection was serious and it was like that. Active figure which shot the body part gotten hurt and which it has the giving information (?) was seen. The talk of 2 people getting tired slowly now It is noisy Nancy Lang and Chinchin Wang from the marriage till the divorce. ▼ was found and the Vs the last tiger and court debate Ing ex-boyfriend the last tiger Ssi and singer Koo Hara sue came home from U.S.A. It is most Ssi escaping the confinement in the first trial. However, the court debate that it finds seems to be kept. It found and the agency contents Y was conveyed to be “it came back from U.S.A to the days program in which Koo Hara is individual” “one that I the lawsuit which is proceeded with boyfriend most Ssi continues the correspondence through the attorney”. The Koo Hara and most Ssi had been earning the both parties violence yes or no 2 high court debate previously last month from 13th. Then, koo Hara asserted ‘the movie threat’ and most Ssi to was forced on the 27th of last month, and the addition was accused of the charge including the threat, sexual harassment punishment law, and etc. and it had the new conditions. After prosecution claimed the warrant of arrest to Seoul Central Court against most Ssi. However, Seoul Central District Court dismissed the warrant of arrest after conducting the warrant essence examination. Among ▼ Kim Hyun, the comeback hazing group SS501 native actor Kim Hyun middle came out on the Braun tube outing noisily in 4 years. It is the man hero role of KBSW ‘the then which the time stops’. But the now and prosecution submitted of all occasion the written final appeal about the former girlfriend A Ssi among the Kim Hyun. It will be ‘with a sob history’ which it would like to ask from the Kim Hyun middle. However, inevitably, it is his who gets to take out once again past. It is Hyunjung Kim declaring ‘it will live humanly’ the Braun tube return. However, the court debate issue related to him is continuing. It is the same with the cold public reaction from the declaration of return. The Kim Hyun middle can overcome wisely this crisis and can the winning move be launched into the acting ability?
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