‘the know brother’ IU and chart all kill ‘pager’ stage opening to the public


The broadcasting sees the singer IU new musical composition ‘pager’ stage occupying the sound source rank in ‘the know brother’ primally. IU appears in the general programming channels JTBC variety program ‘the know brother’ broadcasted p.m. 9 on 27th as leejunki and guest. This day can meet the article talents breathing of 2 people which appears on the drama ‘the sweetheart-Bobo metacenter Ryeo of the month’ and finishes the relation after the last week and once. IU opened ‘pager’ stage in the video recording proceeding recently. ‘pager’ is the alternative R&B genre song in which IU makes a challenge refreshingly with the digital single who commemorates the debut in the 10th anniversary of IU and is announced at last 10th. IU revealed to be “one which as to the only stage comes ‘ pager ‘ when this stage is the broadcasting first” prior to the stage. ‘the know brother’ members revealed the passion which it moves till the seat in order to appreciate IU stage well. It was unable to take eyes off the takes off for the stage and concentrated. And it is the rumor that it did the explosive compliance. ‘the know brother’ people concerned explained “leejunki watching IU stage digested ‘ pager ‘ point choreographing into the surprising choreographing learning ability instantly completely” and evoked the curiosity for the choreographing digestion of leejunki. Leejunki got the attention as the excel dancing skill from the debut early. In this day broadcasting, IU and leejunki is expected to be the abundant episode and personal skill which doesn’t spare the steps.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736389.htm, 2018/10/27 00:00:02]