‘the private loan king’ trace covered the drug offender false charge with ‘that would like to know’ and ‘to throw the narcotic’


Handle the tragedy in which SBS current affairs program that it traces ‘the private loan king’ in which SBS ‘that would like to know’ drives a person into the method called ‘to throw the narcotic’ into the tragedy, the day is broadcasted with 27 would like to know and losing one man gets to use the number 100 million won in ‘to throw the trap of 0.3 grams and private loan king and narcotic’ chapter by the fraudulent gambling till the drug offender false charge. The solid learning (alias) family putting the body in the cold-hearted gambling place lost the hundreds of million won due to the gambling in 2001. But it was the morale of which the gambling place where it loses the money is designed in advance, it got to know and high Ssi requested, saying that the money was returned to the fraudulent gambling group. High Ssi was called to Seoul’s one tea room saying that the fraudulent gambling group will return the money after a few days. However, the fertilization got wider on the spot and the criminal cases appearing after a while took them. The tragedy started again. All Badat the condemnation He is arrested for ‘the narcotic Sojijoe’ the Philopon of 0.3g was discovered from the pocket of high Ssi it was taken by the police High Ssi protested, saying that I was not drug offender but the judgment was not changed. But the character insisted like all Neoeot Chung lady appears the narcotic after the year 7 in the tea room in the pocket of high Ssi at that time in secret and this case has the new phase. She tells that narcotic was put in the pocket with the head of a company of ‘the private loan king’ most Ssi on high Ssi. It is the evidence that it considered 1 ‘to throw the narcotic’. The private loan king Choi is introduced as 100 billion won men of means who take the interest which is high in the business of which the fraudulent gambler or emergency funds is needed and lend the money. ‘that would like to know’ was spoken to this “it had been removing in the method that ‘ narcotic was thrown when at the time private loan king most Ssi removed the people who become a drag on one’s business. Not only high Ssi but also the other people, as to the giving information that it suffered due to the same method came”. Moreover, the adhesion relationship suspicion with the gangbuster raised from this process was traced. It explained ‘that would like to know’ pity “the detective that the informants preserved the relationship of most Ssi and ‘ opposition party (agent) ‘ for a long time and achieved many solution of case performances must be doubted”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736450.htm, 2018/10/27 10:58:31]