‘the volunteer work?’ the recent condition was seen after one castellan and video ring on the water


The recent condition of the unisexuality makes the furniture into the sexual intercourse video scandal blatantly main battery announcer which was revealed and it was becoming a hot issue, it was decorated with the subject called ‘the star getting the entertainment world threat’ from the channel A ‘the Deureot show with the rumor’ (under ‘ rumor show ‘) which the day is re-broadcasted with 25. ‘the unisexuality Ju recent condition’ rose as the real time searching Eo in the Portal site when the relevant broadcasting was on the air. This day production crew mentioned the video scandal of the unisexuality week and whole sweetheart Kristoffer number which there is adverse criticism in the past. Chinung Ahn reporter reporting the unisexuality Ju case primally told the situation “it entered the site which got the giving information and of which the video comes up and the video was watched and it was very surprised” at that time. The He “the reason the reason why the management was difficult at that time didn’t have the agency it talked over the telephone with one castellan” explained “if it entered the blog, the copy of passport of the unisexuality week was not covered besides the image and it was exposed as it is”. Previously, the number of Kristoffer insists to suffer 8 hours assault and batteries on abductee by the unisexuality Ju family. It said force to not disclose on fact that the unisexuality Ju family fell in love with the unisexuality state according to his claim. But it parted due to the violence of the number of Kristoffer which it gives the unisexuality. It refuted to be threatened with the weapon. It disappeared in the broadcasting which it gives the unisexuality after the relevant case. Meantime, the volunteer work was done in the overseas giving the unisexuality.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736393.htm, 2018/10/27 00:00:02]