The celebration message which the capture which “the birthday is congratulated”… is big awards and which honors the work


The idol daytime rank site ‘the click Star Wars’ which Deoppaekteu manages succeeded the birthday support of the Bakseungjun which the group is big and the display panel which is shown in Japan was opened, 28 days ‘the click Star Wars’ revealed the birthday congratulations view image of the huge Bakseungjun which is shown in the display panel located in the Tokyo in Japan. On the 28th of last month, ‘the click Star Wars’ opened the birthday support event of the Bakseungjun and achieved 100%. Therefore, the video showing congratulating his birthday was confirmed in the large screen located in the Tokyo in Japan. The ment of the fans participating in the birthday support of the Bakseungjun and photo is listed at the revealed image. The nickname ‘the haughty 7314’ congratulates the birthday of Seongjun inspiring the hapiness of ” my life (スタイルが amount < て、 や かな貴方が これからも活躍する姿を援します)It told. The nickname 'SARADA' roots for the looks in which you who " style will be good-looking and who are mild will take an active part in the future. (スタイルが良くて、やかな貴方がこれからも活躍する姿を援します)It congratulated. The nickname 'BADA.K' congratulates as " Seongjjang ~26 number birthday heaven and earth Byeol land space. TinkerBell supported the huge chapter ". As to the nickname 'miwanoon', " Seongjun can congratulate the birthday. It is fine and doesn't have a pain and be happy. It keeps forever. The love was expressed as the TinkerBell ♥U". All Kkeureot the attention the nickname 'Olenka' is conveyed as "the man whose the susceptibility is high has the worth which can be forever happy"Meantime, 'the click Star Wars' provides the idol ranking information and display panel service, and etc. as the play space of the idol fandom which Deoppaekteu manages. The display panel support can apply for any idol of fandoms.
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