The Yoo Sae-yoon-Dongmin Jang and ‘close friends’ of Sangmu Yoo who is regret if it drops out


It attends the wedding ceremony of the comedian Sangmu Yoo who the comedian Yoo Sae-yoon (left) and Dongmin Jang open in the Seoul Yongdungpo-gu Yeouido Conrad Seoul hotel in the afternoon on 28th and composer Yeongee Kim and the photo time is taken. The digital single album was together worked in 2014 and Sangmu Yoo and Yeongee Kim was developed to the relation of lovers. While Sangmu Yoo got the colorectal cancer 3 verdict and the life in sick-bed was done, Yeongee Kim stood by this side and especially the love was raised. The marriage was announced officially on last April 26th.
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