‘door lock’ and Geuk the river announcement 10 kind the steel opening to the public.’The extreme makeover ‘ of the Beulri Kong


The movie ‘door lock’ revealed 10 kind steels. ‘door lock’ (the supervision concession · manufacture Co movie company is bloom) distributor Mega-box center (main part) plus M showed ten kinds of report steel through formal report data on 29th and extreme makeover of ‘beulri Kong’ Hyochin Kong was notified in advance. The revealed report steel is putting many appearances of the Kyongmin (hyochin Kong) which doesn’t reduce the tension as it is cautious about the surroundings. Kyongmin is unable to hide the uneasy appearance as if it is someone who doesn’t reveal shape, the threat and phobia is felt in one continuously following me. The appearance of this detective gets to be in charge of the case beginning with the hardship to Kyongmin (gimseongo) and which work colleague hyoju (yaewon Kim) following the reality of the case with Kyongmin builds up the feeling of tension. With being the porridge especially as to hidden looks, Kyongmin approaching the existence unfamiliar of Ja which the reality cannot be well known feels the breath the pole lecture thrill and shock at the bed. ‘door lock’ is the movie which is shown the reality announcement in which it starts while the murder case happens at the studio. It was the common worker but the story of Kyongmin who wages the personal strife against in order to feel the threat and survive through the trespass mark unfamiliar of Ja is put and there is. Meantime, ‘door lock’ is come 12 month prearrangements of release.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736572.htm, 2018/10/29 16:48:24]