‘good looker’ from Yuhye state and marriage announcement “enjoy the preparation process together”


So called, ‘good looker’ from shopping mall CEO Yuhye state gave the marriage news with ㅇ. The Yuhye week uploaded the writing of the palm pattern started on 28th, the Instagram “in order to report the good news, the composition got to be written” and announced the marriage plan. He is arranging the man and marriage loved “I was remembered as the page one of the memory whether it was someone and the interest was had so far to me and any kind of these thought and that happy news would better be conveyed even by means of going through Instagram in this way”. The e-process was so interesting and it was happy and told. The Yuhye week which It becomes kept on April, 2019 bride is likely to present the preparing wedding process so far much. The moment of happy ‘it is the example’ this was together enjoyed and preparing wedding process opening to the public was notified in advance. And “congratulating all can thank” the thankful mind were delivered. ‘good looker’ from Yuhye state gathering the topic of the world in the internet community, and etc. is donated to the cable channel Comedy TV ‘the good looker age 5’ in the past in 2011. Presently, it is taking an active part.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736555.htm, 2018/10/29 09:59:23]