‘honsan Na’ Narae Park ‘the mini drier’ PPL… popularity article talents ‘the weight of the crown’


Argument pro and con about ‘the mini drier’ are suddenly continued. Of me who this scene was under widespread criticism while the gagwoman Narae Park, as to the scene giving present of the mini drier to Hong Hyunhui was broadcasted in MBC variety program ‘buy alone’ by the part of PPL (PPL), Narae Park visits- Hong Hyunhui couple house of the newlyweds which was me with Kim Yeong-hui in MBC variety program ‘buy alone’ taking 26 days electric wavesThe dragon was drawn. At this time, the mini drier of was given present to Hong Hyunhui. The product brand, name, and etc. were completely included in the screen. The gift is delivered and Narae Park is good in write down directly. There was “hong Hyunhui it told” that it is necessary if the baby was born later and the thankful heart was unable to be hidden. “the underwear or small laundry can be sent and it can be dry” on directions explained Kim Yeong-hui specifically. After majority audience ” mini drier Hyeopchaninya It was the disappointment and pointed out and the scene was called into question. ‘ mini drier ‘ Narae Park ‘ back keyword rose as the issue in the online. In 29 days, ‘I can hire alone’ acknowledged “the relevant scene is right to progress to ‘ sponsorship ‘” the sponsorship fact. It is the well known fact that product sponsorship comes in the program including the popularity variety program, drama, and etc. In the program introduction portion, ‘I can hire alone’ is notifying clearly as “this program is including PPL and imaginary advertisement”. It is the reason of ‘it is unnatural’ ‘harm the immersion’ etc. that viewer indicates the drama center PPL. However, the mini drier episode of Narae Park Hong Hyunhui Kim Yeong-hui was relatively natural. It was not awkward in the situation called housewarming. Then, the reason of the inconvenient eye line is what. This kind of dispute is analyzed as one, that is the evidence to the contrary of the faith for the artiste called the expectation for the reality program called ‘I can hire alone’ and Narae Park. ‘I can hire alone’ is getting the love of the audience as the representative Friday variety program constantly. The variety program brand flat board big data analysis outcome (last month, 1 day ~ past, on 2nd, the criteria variety program 50 the brand Big data analysis) ‘I can hire alone’ that it performs in this month Korea company reputation research institute occupied the first. It rose to the first place of flat board in the article talents broadcaster brand flat board big data analysis that it performs in the engine like Narae Park, moreover, this month. Great Britain drama writer Shakespeare left the word called “endure this weight it rises to the throne”. Although the audience is recognizing the correlation between the broadcasting programme and PPL, the measure done the rigor seems to be applied to ‘I can hire alone’. The great interest and sense of responsibility is following the popularity variety program ‘buy alone’ most of all.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736579.htm, 2018/10/29 11:43:55]