In Jayeon Jang and 57 minutes of home seek The early days investigation ‘only the imitation’


The context in which the police investigating the sexual entertainment case of suspicion of the actor high (late) Jayeon Jang doesn’t search the house car of Jayeon Jang, personal record, and etc. properly was revealed in 2009. As to police, finishing the searching the investigation ‘imitation’ has one shape at that time at 57 minutes. Supreme Public Prosecutors’ Office bygones investigating group about the truth reinvestigate ‘the Jang Ja-yeon list case’ revealed 28 days “the time which it takes when the police seized and searches the habitation site of Jayeon Jang and car on March, 2009 was nothing but from 7:35 p.m. to 9:32 p.m. in 57 minutes” “the major register including one’s own handwriting register, and etc. was omitted with the majority”. The research group was run “the handbag in which the police proceeded with seize and search as the bedroom-centered of Jayeon Jang and which Jayeon Jang as well as the dress room carried was not investigated” “because there was the habit which Jayeon Jang makes a memo and it had the majority the notebook and notepad with the bedroom here and there, the police, as to 1 volume Ssik confiscated the diary of Jayeon Jang and notepad”. Even though the handwriting record and card including notebook, and etc. were the major evidence to be confirmed the record of achievements of Jayeon Jang, the police, as to the name didn’t search carefully from the initial the course of executing search warrant at that time. The original file including the call log of 3 cell phones and results of the digital forensic, that the elder unscrews and etc. was exposed to be omitted. It is conducting further investigation whether the research group has gained the external pressure including the political community, and etc. with the determination and this because the police didn’t have the will of investigation at that time. The research group got off “the calling history of was received a submission at the time public prosecutor of criminal investigation but because the last modified date of the relevant calling history became the telecommunications company by the date providing the communication history and type where there was the temporal difference and which it edits, actually the relevant detail was not original” the conclusion. Besides, the police was planning to apply on cyworld seizure and search warrant in which the personal record of Jayeon Jang was most likely to remain. However, the police for, seizure and search warrant about the cyworld were actually clarified as one which it doesn’t apply in this investigation. The research group pointed out “it didn’t seize and didn’t search even though Jayeon Jang was most likely to leave the personal record in the cyworld”. The prosecution of Ministry of Justice bygones committee (the chairperson Kim first of the ten celestial stems Bae) held the tenth meeting on last April 2nd and reinvestigated the sexual entertainment case of suspicion which the high (late) elder unscrews. The document in which the real name and impediment is printed was left at March 7th in 2009 and Jayeon Jang ended Jayeon Jang life by oneself. The list in which the real name is contained was left saying that it was forced into the sexual bribery and was pestered by 31 people including the drama PD, broadcasting, the press figures and large enterprise financial business employee, and etc. with the violence.
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