Is the plastic wrap the underground music?


It changed the channel and the remote controller was stopped. It was the Mnet rap contest program ‘the triple 7 it is the Syo U.S. dumber’. If it was same usually, it dialed to the other channel but the rap which the Ki of the young middle school student is blocked to got to be listened and it gets to see quietly. This middle school student is the part arc which there was adverse criticism recently. The small young student looked at the looks sticking together from the inclemency (?) one adult male and just ability and it was automatically astonished. At the same time, the idea got. In the daily life, these figures which is in the rap the interest can be easily witnessed. It was the indifference the steps to the idol, saying that the brother in the army was “the wrapper Ooo CD is sent except the sister and girl group CD”. Even if the karaoke parlor to is gone from the get-together, it wraps and “the Put Your HandsU P (the Pput young fish hands work)” is altogether shouted. As in old days, the dance music of the method is gone through as ‘out-of-date’ to set afloat. Hiphop is no longer underground music. In the daily life, it became one genre of the popular music which everyone can enjoy all without exception. In the university festival and various events, it is the existence that there shouldn’t be no wrappers. Even the wrappers see the looks in which it stops at the stage in the rock festival. Still, the sense of presence of the hip-hop doesn’t have double-tongued one. The day is rising over the time. In the pop market, it bears comparison even if it compares with the idol music, as much as the high sense of existence is shown. So, it checked. The teenager it shows the sense of existence in the music chart, whether, that is ‘potential’ main consumption target layer. On hiphop, how many, the ji of concern ◆ ‘general trend’ domestic popularity music chart melon was carried in the hiphop and music chart · YouTube. The bucks, Naver, Mnet, and heating chart was examined. As to melon, the specific gravity which the hip-hop genre takes possession in the music chart including 16 tunes, 16 tunes of Bugs Music, eleven tunes of Naver-music, 17 tunes of Mnet chart, twelve tunes of heating chart, and etc. in 13 tunes and genie music was the average about 14% with the real-time chart 100 standard. When guessing as the ratio, it is the small number but this kind of figure is the number where there is authentically the influence between the popularity idol singer including the bulletproof Boy Scouts, black pink, B2B, exo, and etc. The tendency in which the result listeners that it examines the music chart consume the hip-hop music was changed, the result could know. If in the past, the listeners came directly in order to listen the rap music, the men come across the rap music through the real-time chart mostly now. The hip-hop genre which is in the music chart is the sound source released through ‘the Syomideo money 7’ mostly recently. ‘the resignation resignation’ Jeoseu This ·Kid Milli of ‘the time will get’ cookie · the super rain · part arc of ‘the Good Day’ Rokko of ‘the Save’ PH-1·Kid Milli· rupee of the tune commonly in 6 music charts the rupee and NO: ‘the IndiGO’ Ri Boy ·Kid Milli·NO of the EL· the soul ratio: There is ‘the Hate You (height Yoo)’ Kim filial duty debt of gratitude ‘XXL’ (the Feat. DIP flow and Dok2) of ‘the Flex’ PH-1 of the EL· Seu wings and ‘it bites’ back of the Nappeulla. Among them, ‘Good Day’ (the Feat. Palo alto) (Prod The Kkodeukkunseutteu) attracts the long-term popularity and there is. This tune brought out at last sixth visits 3 week Jjae 5 music chart 5 range often and is showing off the unlike other people potential energy. In the video site YouTube, influence of the rap music is great. The hit of the images in which the sound source of ‘the Syomideo money 777’ is published besides the Mnet formal account exceeds 400 in the smallest 50,000. As to the culture critic drawing the late wood, ” wrap is the means in which the young generations express its own appearance. The vicarious satisfaction is felt through the rap music in which many men are honest and which is bold and it comes clean, it feels. The rap was said in a word to be one ” holding the seat with the music representing the young men of this time. After that, it added “the influence of the hiphop seems to become bigger by the front more”. ◆ it paid to the teenagers. “who is the interested in singer?” ‘who is the singer that everyone likes?’ to one synthesis academy trainees in Kyonggi-do Goyang City Hwajeong-dongThe common question was asked. It gave an answer among 25 people answering the investigation to like the wrapper over 50% of the high school student. The wrapper who is the most popular occupied four it is appearing in the Mnet ‘777 it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ tickets of keyed wheat LILO. The back in which 2 tickets, Noel, Ri Boy, crush, carder garden, and steam Ha come received this mommy hand and Geekko one at a time against. As to idol, the red velvet and wanna circle 3 tickets, two tickets of B2B, A pink, and exo got one ticket. The vocal group including the bad boy musician Suhyun, 10cm Chungryeol Kwon, and etc. the result of survey was left. It be that don’t have the group bulletproof Boy Scouts in which it enjoys the recently global popularity and which is in the response to be the surprise. The result most that it investigates the sex ratio of the students like the wrapper prior to appeared for the schoolboy. As to these, the most “it is wonderful” said like the wrapper by the reason. The reason of ‘it was good-looking’ ‘the mouth increases the clothes well’ ‘do the rap well’ back was in the except. As to these, the route where it comes across the rap music revealed the reason as ‘it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ and ‘the high grade wrapper’ There were a lot of the children dreaming of the idol till the recent. However, the hour, as to this interest is moving from the idol to the wrapper over the time. The rap music represents ‘young generation’. The awareness that it is the music which it expresses me is the life lethargy Seo. As to the representative DIP flow of the hiphop label VMC, ” this phenomenon is not any more amazing. The elementary grade wrapper could come out later, it thought that “***” was the phenomenon that it is good as the man put the body in the industry, it told.
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