“it misses still”…’The high Choohyeok Kim whom 1 night 2 days ‘ members remember


‘two days’ members recalled the high Choohyeok Kim. The time that it is the Ji 1 year when He leaves flowed but it is settling down in the one’s mind of the members as ‘the eternal member’. In the KBS2 variety program ‘happy Sunday 1 night on 2nd, the season 3’ (under ‘1 night 2 day ‘) broadcasted at last 28th afternoon, the appearance in which the members cherish the memory of the high Choohyeok Kim was drawn. This day members brooded over the valuable last time till the parting which the historical corner brother nickname birth and tear didn’t stop in the first feel awkward meetings with the dead. Even when it was not authoritarian, Choohyeok Kim was memorized as the strong brother by the members. The feel that just a person was shy and hesitant with ” (the shooting opening part) and it has to take care of me man was strong, if it was sometimes wanted on the telephone after “junhoh Kim who it opened lips, was at the side” Choohyeok, as to the brother got off, ‘it is the child who DEFCON is lonely’ and ‘DEFCON of should be well taken care’ were much said, DEFCON was told. DEFCON “the idea gets ‘ this man can be and met” the heart-rending state of mind were expressed in this. Taehyun Cha went to ” amusement Park and the brother photo got Choohyeok. It didn’t come to mind so that it didn’t betray but the brother came into mind, “***” could be recalled but when having nothing to do at all, it came to mind with a bang and he told. Junhoh Kim recalled the dead and two weeks vocal mimicry of ” I was funny. The man whom that laughs much saw for the first time, it had the brother who was really the nicest with “kim kind Min it looked back” in the life and he installed. The actor finite number who is the regular battle formation which finishes the relation with ‘two days’ members when having the close brother of Choohyeok Kim and the village friend familiar cherished the memory of 1 anniversary of death. As to the regular battle formation, ” Choohyeok was the truly nice child. It was the really nice friend. It was directly ‘two days’ team to introduce the entertainer friends to me for the first time and the deceased on was looked back. The finite number told “it played with me who it did ‘1 night 2 day ‘, get through the.man and it played with a moment ‘1 night 2 day ‘ member and I was jealous”. Chongdo Kim who is the representative in agency when being the appreciative friend in 20 representative of the high Choohyeok Kim, Bong Taegyu keeping time in the movie ‘photesthesis the one’s younger brother bedlamism’ as the brother, PD, and etc. made the availiability inviting him to ‘two days’ expressed the plaintive state of mind in addition to. The idiot was not, it dealt truly, the brother was perfect, “chongdo Kim representative” whether this year has together ‘or’ Hyunlee Tae was conveyed that there was lots of learned one, it said and the dead thought dearly of the members. It will be introvert and if there was the chance to be proceeded outward to some, PD making the availiability ‘ I will have good ” brother. If the travel for was gone, it will be good and told. If the friend appeared, it says be good and the luck was taken off. After that, ” first day we attacked and ‘ this one can not be done later and ” can tell. But one takes the spray gun from any kind of moment in advance. What is trying to be more done with one. It said that it was seen and it was wheal man, it thought really and was the tear the steps. In the movie ‘photesthesis the one’s younger brother bedlamism’, ” (choohyeok Kim) was truly same with the brother it fits the dead and breathing. It was truly the same as the brother continuously and it shoots it broke silence. After that, good one was ” (‘1 night 2 day ‘) members felt. It told continuously because of being so nice. ‘how did it live socially in spite of being nice in this way?’The person said and it was funny. The Jot child installed the brothers really and the Jot told. In the meantime, the work which ” brother is thanks to this good could be done well. If it was the chance, it came out in the dream once, the heart-rending state of mind was conveyed and it was the heart of the audiences deaf. 1 night 2 day ‘the name deeply carved with the one’s mind of the member’ high Choohyeok Kim ‘ It will be memorized forever by not only members but also audiences.
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