“it will prevent whether it will bet, whether” ‘the day of the national bankruptcy’ Maine poster opening to the public


Maine poster of the movie ‘the day of the national bankruptcy’ of the starring who is the actor Kim Hyesoo · infant was revealed. The distributor CJ Entertainment opens ‘the day of the national bankruptcy’ (the supervision Choegukhui · manufacture movie company home) main poster on 29th and is raising the expectancy about the movie. As to the revealed main poster, Kim Hyesoo, infant phosphorus, Hu jun Lake, encounter battle formation, and aspects of the Baeng prize Kassel who is these who 1 week had the national bankruptcy ahead in 1997 and who comes out on the negotiation and these living a life of the transition period of the crisis were contained. The eyes which the tension of 5 people overflows in the crossway of the fate and sense of presence are noticeable to the eyes. The writing called ‘it will bet, whether it will prevent, whether it will survive, whether’ foretells among these the story urgent of the characters running toward the economic crisis befalls the Republic of Korea in 1997 center other direction. The man that ‘the day of the national bankruptcy’ prevents the time remaining a week and crisis till the national bankruptcy and man, that it protects the man, the betting company and family in the crisis in 1997, all Geuryeot the talk of the Haetteon men the IMF crisis heart mutually different choice common Open on November 28th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736565.htm, 2018/10/29 10:36:59]