‘rampancy’ and 1 million breakthroughs only four days of unsealing The first place of weekend box office


The movie ‘rampancy’ broke through 1 million audiences. ‘rampancy’ distributor NEW revealed 29 days “‘ rampancy ‘ (the supervision Kim Sunghun · manufacture Ri amount film) observed the box office first place and 1 million accumulated audience was passed in four days of unsealing”. According to this day Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network, ‘rampancy’ used the unsealing first the weekend (the gold, Saturday, and one) 840,854 the people (1.00887 million accumulated number of spectator). The existence which 1 million breakthroughs of ‘rampancy’ are the same as the welcome rain in the off-season theater district The performance score of ‘rampancy’ recorded figure which about five-fold is high than ‘female and male murder’ (161,210 weekend audience) occupying two Wi of box office. It is and figure which about 2.4 times is high than the unsealing first weekend score (349,927 people) of solder heartburnings foreign currency ‘the first baseman.man’ last week. The performance speed of ‘rampancy’ is the overspeed than ‘seasung Ahn’ record two Wi of successive generations Korean movie box office and action box office hit ‘coordination’ mobilizing 7.81 million audiences in 2018 a day. In addition, the distributor NEW revealed ‘rampancy’ 1 million audience breakthrough commemoration confirmation shot. It is having the number balloon of ‘100’ shape and cake and the Kim Sunghun director who is the actor Hyun Bin, Chang Donggeon, encounter battle formation, Mansik Chung, and this line vacant in the revealed photo is imparting the idea of the thank to the audiences. Meantime, ‘rampancy’ is the action movie drawing the desperate struggle of the prince confusion which the mountain person comes back to Joseon of the world crisis when the Yae ear which the dead is not runs rampant (hyun Bin) and (the Chang Donggeon) given the absolute evil Geimsa that it swallows Joseon. It is showing in the theater.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736551.htm, 2018/10/29 10:24:15]