The concert ‘7080’, in 14 years, the end…”It was really happy (official position)


End on November 3rd broadcasting which KBS 1TV ‘the concert 7080’ comes lastly. It made the official position on 29th and as to KBS, ㅇ informed the last of ‘the concert 7080’. The program opened the initial statement. Since then it had been receiving the love of the viewers who over 14 years is abundant as the live music program unique for the generation remembering the romanticism of in 7080’s last November 2004 on 6th. The pride about the program that it is “it thinks to be the time when all ones were rapidly changed and which feels the dislike so much rapidly and could last for the time that one program is 14 to be the really considerable work” the concert 7,080′ will be always born and MC Cheolsu Bae will be lived before the end. Give thanks to TV viewer everyone who does together always although the late time is broadcasted to everyone filling every week KBS open hall fullness for the past 14 years. Everyone could come to here thanks to this and the mind which thanks even though it was a pity was conveyed. The production crew of the concert 7,080′ shared the numerous audiences and music including ” older generations. Good really it was happy after the times which could cry and when it can laugh. It added continued that it promised in the future to visit to another good program and many understanding oves TV viewer everyone ands interest was asked.
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