‘the first class future son-in-law’ which ‘old bachelor’ Baksuhong and junior Kim Yeong-hui mother has an eye


The broadcaster Baksuhong went up SBS ‘the not luck our cub’ broadcasting immediately after to the real time search ranking once again. All Chaat the Baksuhong in SBS ‘the not luck our cub’ 1 part and Choi Eunkyong who the Chemie with the junior comedian Kim Yeong-hui gained the limelight this time, the night of the 28th is broadcasted the gagwoman Kim Yeong-hui of the home After preparing the feast, Kim Yeong-hui mother prepared ” (food) and the mood was strange. It is strange. ‘it is this feeling if our son-in-law comes’ wanted. The inside mind was revealed for love. It is ” you liar to the hand clapping great favor Kim Yeong-hui meeting the delicious cooking. It was not good but why did you overdo that mother cooks? It cared. It is not if as for the mother of Kim Yeong-hui the colleague may become really to this “it will be the same as the bachelor customer coming with the man living always after a long time”. It was the maiden and bachelor and all possibilities opened and it made a countermove. Kim Yeong-hui mother continued the appeal toward Kim Yeong-hui to “the daughter (kim Yeong-hui) is holding the owner to prosper the husband” the Baksuhong. Baksuhong is right when doing and, “our YoungHee was cute when being young”. It is so beautiful in watching the photo when being young. All Chyeot the agree enthusiastically the skin is so beautiful it sees in fact Yae undertakes the role that it is older in the cornerThe Baksuhong and Kim Yeong-hui went up and down the search ranking higher rank in the midnight right after broadcast thanks to this with this scene Kim Yeong-hui mother expresses the mind for the Baksuhong completely.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736544.htm, 2018/10/29 00:00:02]