‘the new book organic’ veteran building X Lee fibrous root and 2 people finished.


The veteran building and this fibrous root gave notice of the start of the last of the TvN ‘the new book organic’ season 5 and season 6 simultaneously. In the TvN variety program ‘the new book organic’ broadcasted afternoon with the past 28 day (one), the new start of the finish of the season 5 and season 6 were accomplished in the moment. It is the evaluation that all members got rid of the ghost make-up and it changed from the season 6 into the fruit and inspired the different fun to the audiences at Sunday night. In this day broadcasting, the last get up’s mission result in the Hong kong, that is the non-publication, was revealed. Subsequently, the DragonBall to emission mission started. This fibrous root who is the Legend register holder to change the clothes This day challenged the blue jean which is torn by front and back and mission which has to wear the hawaiian shirt in the fast time. However, while it was unable to button up unfortunately, the shirt front and back was changed and it failed in the mission. However, the large-scale smile was imparted to the viewer and the last of the season 5 was decorated. Even while soon after this, the production crew rested after informing the termination of the season 5 before all of a sudden, there was no, the start of the season 6 was shouted. The starting season 6 The members who start the strawberry game in order to choose each fruit character before going to Japan Hokaido At this time, if the name of the members was unable to be remembered and continuously its own fruit name was shouted, it won the watermelon which induced the large-scale smile with the poor game action which it keeps barely with the beat that’s slightly varied from the written music to the viewers as well as the place and which in conclusion everyone evades and the cheerful departure of the new season was informed before. All Kkeureot the attention this fibrous root and veteran building exhibits unsparingly its own article talents sense of presence it challenged ‘4 letter quiz’ the delicious dinner was set up the members going to Hokaido, that is the picture-taking place of the season 6, arrived at HuranoEspecially, this fibrous root played role of the pear character and sublimated with the hooligan who is the concept of me and the program took an active part here and there. When it succeeded in the first quizes, becoming to eat the person, then if it was about this, ‘the word great party’ was kept such as saying the tinfoil to had to be tasty., etc the mounting was ensured and it had a command of the sham Japanese naturally and the peculiar article talents endurance was exhibited with the looks the sense overflowing and the smile was conveyed. In addition to this, it won the watermelon which everyone evades after the Gao nassi of the season 5 this time and the successive generations class character that is peculiar from the visual was completed. Moreover, also the veteran building was unable to avoid the cienaga of the error between the extraordinary error parade. And the answer transcending the supporting board supporting board and imagination of the brassiere freedom etc. was shown and the members and error relay was kept and it evoked laughter. ‘the new book organic’ which goes over to the new season in the like thismost fast time and presents the different fun In within this, because the veteran copper and this fibrous root threw unsparingly one’s all ones and the smile was conveyed, the expectancy and interest is collected if cheerful any kind of activity is and become to the Ppyeol worth of in the season 6 in the future. In the meantime, the TvN ‘the new book organic 6’ which this fibrous root appears is broadcasted every Sunday at 10:40 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736608.htm, 2018/10/29 15:28:44]