The rap experience story learned from ‘the Syo U.S’ examiner (image)


‘straw cutter’ will don’t know whether ‘straw cutter’ middle school of “when hiting of you to take the straw cutter, then my stage is the exorcism place and he comes and I take chivalrously in Wi”/DIP flow the section caused several times. What is as one which felt in person and which it experiences there was no and the rap was learned directly. The hiphop wanted to be properly felt. So, the wrapper DIP flow which is appeared as the examiner on the Mnet ‘the Syomideo money 777’ was met and ‘straw cutter’, that is his representing music, was learned. Or one in which the situation where it has to let me which ‘ㄹ’ doesn’t know about the rap know the rap DIP flow will be disconcerted When I stopped the mouth with the Tte person, then it was devastated and the head was drooped. It was the part which says be clearly easy and was not really easy for me. The mind was the wrapper and the body was not Ttara general purport. It was really the job which it will go mad. Nevertheless, DIP flow was informed before in orderly manner. The hand clapping is clapped and it is the word. It was not really easy that it wraps when I was originally the tone-deafness, beat-deaf, and trunk-deafness. The body felt the rhythm as the beat that’s slightly varied from the written music strongly be burnt. DIP flow gave “when calling the idol song or what or the rap part among the song liked the usual time, it can ask for the voice” “call confidently and strongly” the tip. The hair Ron was clearly understood and the body was unable to understand. As it informed, it said do and didn’t get better easily. ‘I the straw cutter other area’, that is the housekeeping of the first paragraphs, was shouted many times. It was like this and ‘the straw cutter will be taken’ wanted truly. In conclusion, it told. Search for the other one because there seems to be no ” talent. The rap cannot learn at a time. Yes, The rap could not learn at a time. However, the day to be called ‘straw cutter’ completely is expected some time ago and it practices constantly.
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