The Seulki Park ·MC Ding building supportive shooting.’ in the damage caused hail battle formation X drifting people on advertisementThe new concept CF’


Join in the actor damage caused hail battle formation and comedian drifting people on combination till Seulki Park and MC Ding building. As to the stingy agency mountain movement, seulki Park and MC Ding building was together in LED mask advertisement in which the damage caused hail battle formation and drifting people up is the appearance on the stage schedule with the cameo on 29th. The agency reveals previously on 24th that after the damage caused hail battle formation examined LED mask advertisement concept, the drifting people up was actively recommended and the collaboration was accomplished. After that, MC Ding building had been piling up the relation with the fan meeting customer show-host of the damage caused hail gin. And the agency told that Seulki Park was together recommended and the lineup was fixed because of like the progress of which was bright and bounces chubbily Seulki Park usually. It is the prearrangement to open to the public and the advertisement is planning to be China manufactured as the start point in the whole world as the new concept drama ties in the early December. Have this video commercial which is divisible by the total of 3 volumes and is planning to be revealed successively the theme of the love settled down. Meantime, the damage caused hail battle formation is having the real overseas activity ahead come on November 2nd Japan fan meeting.
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