The system taking off the black pink or ‘solo’ teaser release… extreme makeover


The first image teaser was revealed while the first solo albums of the black pink genie got rid of the veil on November 12th. YG entertainment introduced the first image ‘SOLO’ (solo) teaser of genie through the formal blog a.m. 10 on 29th. As to the revealed image center genie, genie who lies down in the bed and is whispering its own name one letter one letter arouses the environment, that is dreams and phantasms. It doubles and with the young visual and freckles like the puberty girl to be loveable. The attention is captivated in that genie chooses the extreme makeover in which the image shown on stage is not as the member of the black pink so far. Teddy working all songs from the debut of the black pink ind charge of the writing the lyrics of the SOLO’. 24 had the composition together with teddy. As to this sound source, the producing and eulogy lighting stands out as the hip-hop tune in which the pop-style factor is properly added. The housekeeping which becomes more and more on the beautiful code of the introduction portion and melody line concise, is indicative and is honest is and expected to captivate immediately listened these ears. If it makes with the periphery of genie, especially the strong woman and two figures can be checked at the weak girl and independent inside and independent inside coexist at the inside. Previously, Yang Hyun-Suk YG representative producer is first planning to open the solo of genie through its own SNS and next, is planning to be connected to Rorze solo. The major advantage foretold the working of the black pink of the black pink most the most afterward, saying that 4 members were possessing the excel ability as the unity force of the hard team as the solo, it opened. Open the first soloes of genie who gets first to start the solo activity among the members in the domestic first concert of the black pink taking place in November 10 and come 11 days and Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul primally.
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