The teaser taking off the Tteuwaiseu comeback D-7 and veil (image)


The girl group Tteuwaiseu (TWICE naked kite sysmaticness lives but the utmost filial piety U.S. or everyone string stick the soul Jjeu takes care) introduced the music video teaser of the new musical composition ‘YES or YES’ (yeseu it comes) first. JYP entertainment (under JYP) published the same name title song music video teaser video of the Tteuwaiseu mini 6 album ‘YES or YES’ in the official SNS channel of 0 o’clock JYP and Tteuwaiseu on 29th. The member sysmaticness which gets on the red car dark in the woods road and shows forms the meaningful micro and this teaser video begins with figure which takes to the Tteuwaiseu square whether it is someone or not. After that, mina, as to the appearance and one two the Tteuwaiseu 9 the member the close-up scene come the sound out in the integer as the background and the attention is centered. The Tteuwaiseu members released the fascination which revealed the arrogant micro with the glittered eyes and in which it cannot help falling and pulled the curiosity for the new musical composition ‘YES or YES’ and expectation up onto. Because the answer is decided ‘YES’ (yeseu), you are the tune which the new musical composition ‘YES or YES’ puts the cute confession that it becomes if it answers. It is exciting and the active sound gets joined together with the lively rhythm and the toxicity is caused. Eye and ear of the fans are leaning if the Tteuwaiseu changing into loveable ‘the great deal of rain feeling is hung out’ shows any kind of charisma through this new musical composition As to 6 album ‘YES or YES’, that is the mini album, ‘SAY YOU LOVE ME’ (the bird lice Yoo rub U.S), ‘LALALA’ (Rarara), ‘YOUNG&WILD’ (completely, the & wildness), ‘SUNSET’ (sunset), ‘AFTER MOON’ (after door), and ‘BDZ’ back total 7 track is collected including the same name title song. All strings the attention the track ‘LALALA’ No. 3, track ‘YOUNG&WILD’ No. 4, and track ‘SUNSET’ No. 5 is among these the tune in which the member sysmaticness, stick the soul, and utmost filial piety are in charge of the writing the lyricsThe tune which the track takes care of the composition JYP head Chinyeong Park writes and ‘BDZ’ No. 7 opens the song which catches popularity it is recorded in the first place of local line music weekly chart it is the first regular album title song which 9 month Japan which Tteuwaiseu is over put on sale to the korean version The year 2018. 4 the month the mini 5 the album ‘wat, the Ijeu rub?’ another gift is expected to become to the fans(What is Love?) why, hereby come back to the world of singers to the third Jjae this year. The interest of the world of singers is more concentrated into the 10th tune which the Tteuwaiseu which it announces so far and which flies the popularity home run in 9 tunes shows until especially, this ‘YES or YES’ reaches from the debut song ‘gracefully’ (OOH-AHH is done) into the previous work ‘the dance, more, the night away’ (Dance The Night Away). Meantime, this which the Tteu Y having the debut in the third anniversary is worm-eaten was commemorated recently and the formal fan meeting was held in the Seodaemun-gu in Seoul Yonsei University open-air theater by the title that it is ‘ONCE HALLOWEEN’ (the Once Halloween) on 28th and the fans and meaningful time was shared. Open the comeback showcase in KBS arena (97 gymnasiums) located on November 5th Seoul Gangseo-gu Hwagok-dong, that is the new album release the day which the Tteu Y is worm-eaten, and open primally the new musical composition performance. The entire song of the mini 6 album the album ‘YES or YES’ is opened through every kind sound source site including the title song ‘YES or YES’ same day at 6 p.m.
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