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The broadcaster competent of is gone out, it says in the Japanese broadcasting “99 people installed among 100 Korean entertainer” and there is adverse criticism. The netizen is among these “it is someone who is the actor competent better and whom not broadcaster competent appears” the interest the steps. All Badat the interest ‘like the vegetable Japanese woman’ ‘the kyoto and whew’ back book which the broadcaster and author competent appears is published It is active as the reporter and actor who the competent which is active as Japan weather caster in 2007 and informs the face before appears. It appeared in Japan Yomiuri TV ‘the Ttokku profiteering Seamaotto Yo’ which last 27th which the competent appears is broadcasted. He told that it was “when 99 people installs (molding) among 100 entertainers that I know” and not only entertainer but also people was doing in Korea much. After that, there are the lot of ” Korean entertainer friends and whenever it meets, the face is changed. Feel ashamed if it sees silently. It doesn’t tell ‘it did’. It didn’t open and told to that place and did to be the panels surprised. While it revealed that was not done, I the competent appearing took ” (seems to be done) word much. It opened heart, saying that the nose was small, that it had gotten an advice to do in the around. When forming the girl group from Korea, surely He said include and the member who doesn’t. In the meantime, the face which it doesn’t ” molding is the popularity. The child who doesn’t mold in the girl group is purposely sent, there “***” this member is another. It is natural one. The charm stopped and that child added. The netizen is the end hit by “it betrays in appearing and it is the money Beo” (vtr1****) “the one, in which it loses in the meantime not, the Haet stage everyone” (zksl****) “. The feeling is strangely bad. Japan to was gone and surely did this word on have to be decided, the voice of the criticism is poured out to the action of “whether the country to is gone and it has that idea it tells thoughtlessly and goes possibly is really shy” (hun4***) “the disclosed part is Japan and Yokbat comes really to you” (tomb****) back He?
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736613.htm, 2018/10/29 15:45:47]