Yooroh Yoonhoh in TVXQ and ‘Eondeonaintin’ special director scramble… expectancy ↑


Yooroh Yoonhoh in TVXQ appears as ‘Eondeonaintin’ special director, when being “yooroh Yoonhoh got to appear as the special director”- POP Legend group, then 29 days MBC survivor program ‘Eondeonaintin’ expects the encouragement which Yooroh Yoonhoh who is being situated as the performance emperor strongly will impart to the participants and unlike other people passion. It did and told. After that, it added “yooroh Yoonhoh took part with the video recording in the stage rehearsal of the preliminary stones at that time directly and the delicate directing and debut didn’t cherish the car know-how, advice, and etc. on the choreographing till the facial expression acting in 15” “yooroh Yoonhoh admired for the ability of the spare rocks and displayed the infinite affection about ‘ next generation preparation rock ‘ and expectancy”. Yooroh Yoonhoh debutting as the singing group TVXQ (Dong Bang Shin Gi) last December 2003 is expected to show the careful directing to the preliminary stones based upon the experience built so far with the frank counsel. Besides, it was narrow. The dynamic duo, Eunhyeok of Super Juniors, Sanghun Hwang, and etc. joined in the director corps. The actor Kim Sohyun ins charge of MC. In the meantime, coming 6 p.m. on November 3rd is broadcasted.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736556.htm, 2018/10/29 10:00:56]