‘100 million stars’ Seo In bureau ♥ testis civilians and four anticipation induction metabolism


The eyes is on the speech which ‘100 million stars getting off at the sky’ starring Seo In Guk testis civilians shares and which feels sweet. As to the cable channel TvN TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘100 million stars getting off at the sky’ (the script Songhye battle formation · direction emulsion circle), the Muyeong Kim (the Seo In Guk) and Chinkang Yoo (the testis Min) arranged and introduced the ambassador who the sincerity is contained on 30th. The mind was checked after the Kkeullim which it cannot refuse with the strong first kisses and Muyeong Kim Chinkang Yoo gave the anticipation to TV of the pole. The drama is improving the degree of concentration of the pole with the profound lines finding out with the delicate feeling of the characters. The speech of which the course where especially Muyeong Kim Chinkang Yoo realizes the love and it seeps is contained leaves the dark lingering imagery. 100 million star ‘ gotten off at the sky is the monster and number of every week is broadcasted to the man Muyeong Kim called and dangerous, the woman Chinkang Yoo having that kind of hurt and mystery melodrama drawing the destiny coming to her brother undiluted liquor (sungung Park) thursday afternoon at 9:30. ◆ If ‘confession of love’ 3 times and you are seen to the testis civilians realizing Seo In soup and life first the feeling commotion, the acceleration realizes the confusion in the unfamiliar feeling which the But violation shadowlessness feels for the first time and it is one confession to Chinkang Yoo. Muyeong Kim Chinkang Yoo felt the Kkeullim which the burn scar carved into the arm checks and cannot be well known. The feeling which it is unable to feel never once was unable to be experienced and especially but Muyeong Kim is unable to hide the embarrassment in the fascination of which was clear and clean Chinkang Yoo so far. Muyeong Kim, one by one, more. One Ssik it goes more Miss the time when it stops if there is with you. It was the confession and heart of the audiences its own mind which was clumsy but which it is impossible to control towards her surprised without reservation, saying that it gathered speed. # 7 times are the first frankness confession of the sentry Seot violation shadowlessness for fear of kissing. When the atmosphere as if Muyeong Kim seeing the date scene of the Chinkang Yoo and Chorong Eom (the number of turns string) fortuitously kisses on 2 among people was formed, then the indication of a person was purposely made and it obstructed. ” you can play double even when having the confession called the Chinkang Yoo “it meets because of like. Then” previously. It is Muyeong Kim showing the manner it has nothing to do at all. However, actually the honest mind toward her at could be peeped with the nap Chinkang Yoo saw in the sight to be with the other man and which the perversity obstructs me in vain. ◆ it is the speech which realizes the feeling expression 5 which the compassion → love… which the testis civilians and Seo In Guk step grows deeper time and feeling of Muyeong Kim whose the commiseration sun existence lumen is dry and expresses the compassion. Every matter joky and the complaint was felt at the attitude of light Muyeong Kim but in order to understand him, Chinkang Yoo tried. However, does this have liked the mind of not only oneself but also relative as the sincerity to act the trouble toward the aspects of Muyeong Kim ” you box like the amusement? The mind is truly not nothing for you. The regrettable feeling toward Muyeong Kim was expressed with the advice it was pitiful. # Why 8 times and your life, as to the precious summer solstice is the speech which the worry poured out is young to Muyeong Kim who the An flattery lumen drives oneself into the danger to you. It spoke as “why your who didn’t know the roll in which the friend dies and worried life is not valuable to you” and Chinkang Yoo threw out the composite feeling which has been being pressed inside the mind worrying about Muyeong Kim and fear, mind, and etc. which becomes larger at a time. Especially it was the viewers tingling with the speech in which the feeling changed of Chinkang Yoo who is aware of the love toward Muyeong Kim is felt.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736695.htm, 2018/10/30 11:03:21]