Even if it is not fresh, Eungee Chung is good,… is warm.


The singer Eungee Chung got me and ‘it is exactly alike’ album and it came back to the fan neighborhood. Maybe 2 weren’t albums process for the album this time first? It is little countrified. However, it is warm and is used. All Daat Eungee Chung The singer Eungee Chung who took off the girl group A pink (kim other is the Apink member Chorong Park, Bomi Yoon, Eungee Chung, and hand better Ju and Oh Ha the soul which) for some time and wears ‘singer song writer’ got the third solo album and the singer was at the front of fan. It faced with the day and He having ‘hyehwa’ issue ahead a day. Saying that the thing releasing the new workpiece to the front of fan is tense always, the micro of Eungee Chung in full bloom at the recurring face is bright. The solo album ‘hyehwa’ commemoration of sale interview with was proceeded in the StarHill Resort building at last 16th afternoon Seoul Gangnam-ku Bongeunsa made the pure silver. The third solo album ‘hyehwa’ of Eungee Chung is the album like the anthology which takes the feeling which Eungee Chung felt from the life when being the word which bloomed now just now and designates carefully the glittered youths as the meaning that it is ‘the glittered Stellaria media’ and memory and sensibility as the stem and whines the message toward the youth. The Son Woochung, Eungee Chung produces the entire song and the excel writer gins take part and the hotter interest against is hit and there is such as being the few vacant, etc. In the past 13 days and 14 days Seoul Yonsei University auditorium, it entered the real solo album activity on 17th mini album 3 album ‘hyehwa’ mini album 3 album ‘hyehwa’ which it makes the pure silver finishing the concert ‘haehwa Station’ successfully. Q. the feeling having the third album release ahead will don’t know whether the curiosity Ha everyone A expression will be right. However, it is the feeling in which it watches the first feasts of cute tricks of the brother. It is too full and is good and is unstable at the standpoint which it puts on the stage. Whenever I build the solo album because there are the lot of the people visiting the color of me for the singer song writer among the seniors, the shoulder is heavy. Q. as to ‘hyehwa’, if as to of company intention what kind of album approval A past albums was stronger, the third album ‘hyehwa’ included more much the talks which I would like to install. Q. ‘hyehwa’ The album title, as to I came out of the Hyehwa Girls’ High School with the unique Ha everything A (smile). It was the high school days to it was to start and would better sing and do and when the men installed ‘it sings’ when being quite young have the dream of the singer on a full scale. It made like that in being the days when the days when my dream starts went to the Hyehwa Girls’ High School. Q. it is the song which it watches enjoyably the part A drama ‘why Kim Beesuh is like that’ where there was * entitled ‘kim Beesuh’ among the recording song and takes the inspiration and gets to use (smile). It comes to mind. If the company sisters that I had been seeing retire, upload the photo travel like that. It is seen and I contact. ‘the retiree in and ~?it is good it travels’ While it Ireot. ‘it was how difficult’ wants on the other hand. Our company is the entertainment company and there is the relatively free feel and the people attending the general company may be tedious and be difficult. It is the tune which it shows that impression. Q. it participated in the producing directly. The whole concept of the Ttuin everyone A album this time the entire song writing the lyrics is the youth on the eye. However, it thinks that intermediary in which someone installs ‘consolation’ comes to I be the music. My idea wanted to be clearly included and it got to participate in the producing and writing the lyrics. While I lived, the gotten large-scale comfort was the sympathy which the sincerity is young. The comfort comes to the sympathy which the others installs and advice welling up from the sincerity. It wrote in the housekeeping and It would like to become the man moreover consoling me and the music the experiences receiving the help with the neighbors is made and the meaning seems to be found before. Q.I didn’t want the music video and ‘1998 it answers’ Oh bad luck owner Ga A. However, the music video directors Nim wants exorbitantly. ‘1998 it answers’ is comprised of Oh hemp large glass (smile). So, if the music video is watched in detail, there are very a lot of the properties appearing in ‘1998 it answers’. Searched one is likely to be quite interesting. Q. the burden that it has to maintain A pink Eungee Chung Vs solo singer Eungee Chung A seems to be truly great. It is trying in order to maintain the brand called A pink. It had that talk much even when renewing. The horse called ‘there is too much that we are unable to show’ We attack the girl group, the comeback is truly long in fact. It was about target date in 1 to no. 2 come back. Because of speaking as ‘be Deo encouraged’ and recovering consciousness, it is renewing (smile). Neverthless, it is fortunate. It is the relationship which the story that it maintains A pink can come out with the members. However, the experience played the concert with the singer song writer Eungee Chung is interesting. One in Eungee Chung of A pink and singer pure silver giro There is with the group, there is its own part. Because of having fully the talk which I would like to install if the concert is played with the solo, it is so cool. Q. there is the member whose it does the private activity, there is a lot of the schedule has the member who is not like that by no means the sense is seen with the part A. It is fortunate in being the position which I don’t give to see if I walked on egg shells (smile). We don’t have the interest in fact. About of which the consolation which the box Ssik awards with bangs is heart-felt There seems to be the feel like the brother to should be like that in being what. Q. If there are the debut 8-in service girl group and unlike other people determination, be the change scary as A pink. There was the reason why the change was scary as A pink. Our fans are very nice, on the other hands, there are the lot of the conservative fans (smile). The skirt gets angry very even if it is furtively short. If the past album ‘there is no 1 degree’ was the exceptive change, it was the change and unexpectedly was well received. There seemed to be the worth determining heart. The idea that it will practice much because this will be the first producings as the solo singer Eungee Chung got. The idea that it will do constantly was done. This year seems to be really much learned. It is thankful to the surrounding people. The dance was unable to be shown through the solo singer yet. The practice has to be tried but it wants. The idea that it writes the composition and would like to write the book gets. The appearance debutting as the writer would like to be presented some time ago.
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