“it is the couple Oh” CGV and new membership service ‘the coupling club’ release


On 30th, all Bahyeot the new membership service ‘the coupling club’ which the multiplex cinema CJ CGV can enjoy in 11 month theaters was launched The hot response was gotten according to CGV as much as 770,000 people took part in ‘the couple shooting project’ proceeded in the total of 3 numbers almost from January last year. CGV released the private use membership ‘the coupling club’ to this kind of reaction. If it joins ‘the coupling club’, ‘the couple cheer Ppaek’ consisting of the usual 2D movie 2,000 won discount coupon (2 sheets), combo menu 2,000 won discount coupon (1 sheet), and photo ticket free ticket (2 sheets) is paid out. CGV couple private use seat ‘sweet box’ on-going basis discount benefit can be received every week starting Monday by thursday. ‘the culture Flex (Cultureplex)’ space, that is the right thing, can be enjoyed as the theater date for the discounted price. As to remarkably, CGV Yongsan I garden mole V Beoseutteojeu (V Busters), VR contents 21 event and ‘the mission break (Mission, Break)’ offer 2,000 won discounts to be the pyong till the company one person. The admission fee 50% discount benefit to be the pyong can be per hour gotten in 1,500 won discount (the individual case visit, per hour, about 1,000 won) and CGV Incheon ‘the mission lace’ in the cartoon cafe ‘the Rol roll (lolol)’ of the CGV Yeongdeungpo and Daejeon at the couple visit. The someone or Yae plays if it is ‘the coupling club’ member on the except. Then the month This tour, hidden clip hotel & Nature, part museum, KBL, GS25, Aladdin, Ttibing, genie music, Deo place, CJ Food System Company Limited world, CJ mall, MYCT, Everland, N Seoul Tower, and Busan tower back 16 the brand coalition benefit can be received. In CGV mobile app event page, ‘the coupling club’ joining can apply for ‘to the couple enroll’. If the opponent getting the couple application agrees in the mobile messenger, it is registered automatically as the couple. CGV was revealed “present CGV discount coupon Ppaek present congratulating the standard on 100th every 1 year anniversary to be the couple matching”, saying that it was “the plan to been diversifying the favor of ‘ coupling club ‘ more till the end of this year” this. After that, it added to be “the schedule to provide the bonus reward and couple private use trade show presence chance on the couple ranking priority which adds up the times using the booth and photo ticket, and etc. it watches the movie at CGV”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736692.htm, 2018/10/30 10:38:19]