Lee Bum Soo starring ‘departure’ and character poster 5 kind opening to the public.’The tight tension ‘


Lee Bum Soo, molluscum battle formation, Bakhyeok recommendation, Lee, Yi Chonghyeok, and Robert mica The preparation in which the movie ‘departure’ which 5 veteran actors get together will meet the audience was finished. The departure ‘ (the supervision Gyuyeop Roh · manufacture D.seeD part seed) manufacturer opened the character 5 kind poster on 30th. Paint the poster the relationship between one man that it finds the family and characters who chases him and observes. Firstly, it found and the character poster of the man cleverness (lee Bum Soo) included the common aspects of father struggling hard in order to take the family which the year 1,986, that is the period of the segmented and confusion, is separated back. Here, the phrases feels the paternal affection of the cleverness. The Muhyeok (the molluscum battle formation) is the close sister of the cleverness but the real state is South Korea National Intelligence Service personnel who is the domestic prohibition of entry invested into ‘Minsilhyeop’ (the association opposed to Korean Yushin regime) activity in order to observe the suffer cleverness. The Chamsa Kim stares with the cool attention whether it is someone or not (the Bakhyeok volume) of the looks which is the character hide the madness in the inside mind which it cannot know for the kidnapping to North Korea construction person in charge of German I. When the report about the cleverness doesn’t come into me, then north Korea department of united front 35 room real force character department manager Choi (the Lee, Yi Chonghyeok) is the character who becomes aware of the suspicious secrets and starts directly. Finally, the spring (robert mica) supports the jaw and everyone is observed dispassionately. The departure ‘ is the movie drawn the situation where it makes the choice which it turns the book and encounters as the common economist Minlee Yeong study abroad in Berlin I and justification that it is for the family. The molluscum battle formation, including Lee Bum Soo, Bakhyeok recommendation, Park Choomi, Lee, Yi Chonghyeok, and etc. appears. Meantime, ‘departure’ is come on November 14th prearrangement of release.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736671.htm, 2018/10/30 10:23:36]