NCT Cheolneo has designs on the series birthday project success in 2.


‘the Cheolneo birthday project progress middle’The idol daytime ranking site ‘the click Star Wars’ opened the birthday support of the group NCT Cheolneo on 26th. It is the large electric board project congratulating the Cheolneo having on the 22nd of next month birthday. The success is determined by projects (the point which can be gathered in the site) count in the global event of which Korea Japan and China fans can take part altogether. The event participation method is simple. It is the way that it contributes the star which the fans get after the various activities in the site to the birthday market of the Cheolneo directly. Previously, ‘the click Star Wars’ opens the birthday support of the Cheolneo and achieves 100% at October last year on 27th. The picture congratulating the birthday of the Cheolneo was screened in the same display panel in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku Ohkkubo Shin opposite near. The interest is concentrated if the birthday event of the Cheolneo taking place after the last year this year can succeed.
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