SNS non-disclosure it is ‘the forming thoughtless word’ competent better ‘silence’ it was aware of Korean public opinion


The broadcaster competent of was gone out, its own twitter account was converted to the non-disclosure. The appearance which is aware of Korean which 30th which the competent appears becomes fierce critical public opinion was displayed. He, as to many things ‘ this a week were in the twitter at last 29th. The writing is uploaded It becomes the internet news to appear in Yomiuri TV ‘the Dokku Moi Seamaotto Yo’ and make a comment. It appeared at last 27th Japan Yomiuri TV ‘the Ttokku profiteering Seamaotto Yo’ which the competent appears previously. This day He was “when 99 people installs (molding) among 100 entertainers that I know” and took mention “there are the lot of Korean entertainer friends and whenever it meets, the face is changed”. When this truth was known in Korea, then the netizen got angry by his rash statement. At last 29th, in Blue House national petition bulletin board, * entitled ‘be the competent better and expel the broadcaster from Korea’ came up. Today, (30 days) standard and this application are the condition where 500 people agrees. Meantime, while any kind of action is not made to this adverse criticism which for days which the competent appears doesn’t die down, it is keeping silent.
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