Super Juniors-D&E and ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking 5 the week the series 1 the Wi


The group Super Juniors unit Super Juniors-D&E climbed ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking 5 week series 1 Wi. Super Juniors-D&E got 203,577 tickets from ‘the click Star Wars’ 10 month fourth week singer ranking vote proceeding from 22nd until 29th and rose per B. It got 80,785 tickets and as to Jong-hyun, ㅇ achieved the splendid achievement risen per B that after that, Chiyeol Hwang learned 109,670 tickets and the later time was stayed in the second. If the artist takes care of the first place for 5 weeks in a row in the singer ranking, the click Star Wars ‘ shows 1 congratulation news in the display panel located in Daeyeok Hong and Japan Sinjukku. Advance into the Hall of Fame if the first place for 10 weeks in a row of is and taken care. Especially the various privileges are provided such as showing the news of prize winning by the display panel located in Korea and Japan, etc. Eunhyeok, love the nickname ‘eunhyeok building Hae Zhang’ in 1 news of Super Juniors-D&E. It wavered. It loved, it congratulated. Meantime, ‘the click Star Wars’ holds the beginning of next year song awards ceremony ‘2,018 k pop Deoppaekteu Star Wars’ (tentative name).
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