The broadcasting stop · exposure dispute ‘it wears’ who? …”The employee ” which the model is not


It was whether the model Sinjaeeun starts to featuring the individual broadcasting or not. Sinjaeeun of was informed on 29th dawn SNS that station break reprimand was gotten for 3 days. The account was made in one person individual broadcasting platform twitch on 26th and one person broadcasting debut was informed before, in addition He sets up the personal broadcast channel in Africa TV. In conclusion, it moved to Africa TV and the broadcasting was kept. Sinjaeeun has SNS star and model receiving the interest of the world under the exceptive exposure clothes. He sells the investigation the rotor, that is Badat, (the one’s real name Wonseok Choi) and worked picture album ‘Aqua’ with the rape about the models and similar rape and charge of sexual harassment. It was active as the cover model of after ‘maxim’. He revealed as “the employee who the full-time job is not model” after ‘maxim’ photo shooting in the interview. It told “the start was to receive the offer after SNS start and the modelling was started” “all Neomeot the import of the modelling the full-time job” additionally. Meantime, the Instagram follower number closing in upon 400,000 people are maintained and presently, Sinjaeeun is the hot popularity.
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