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The drafting 84 and singer labor and management yeon appeared in JTBC ‘the refrigerator is asked’ in which the webtoon writer drafting 84 (the one’s real name Gimhui civilians) showed the refrigerator which is full of the successive generations class ingredients and it was the topic, which is broadcasted with 29 with the day afternoon. In this day broadcasting, the drafting 84 revealed the refrigerator of which the shocking ingredient including the side dish which the term of validity is past and fish, It becomes the mountain Ji near in 1 and etc. is full. Firstly, when opening, then it was poor at the panels to suppress the astonishment. One which the refrigerator itself was all hollow nearly vacant When taking out the tramped garlic which the open market purchases among that, then “in order to remove the meat smell, it bought and was unable to cook once” the term of validity, as to the ingredient, that is 25 days, the drafting 84 explained the reason in refrigerator on April, 2017. Labor and management kite clicked labor and management kite tongue in this, saying that it was “than ‘ drafting 84’ approval Ki is not cold”. The purchased time when the Ji 3 weeks are over was found out. The personal appearance was used and the stable cycle prevented the nose at the time smell decaying nearly. The sashimi was discarded but “if it deposits in the ramen and eats, it is tasty” the end of the drafting 84 had left everyone in shock, 9 month all purchased fish was discarded. The stable cycle “it melts, it is likely to revive again” the tongue was brandished at the tightly frozen fish. The Reimeonkim shelf advised to this “absolutely it shouldn’t eat in being the condition where it is sealed”. As to cooking fight, the Ppyeol ㅊ was benign in the poor refrigerator condition. The Reimeonkim shelf and steam Ppung writer faced the school lunch off with the theme. As to the Reimeonkim chef, the steam Ppung writer made the egg roll and sausage roasting, and etc. the bowl of rice served with toppings. The drafting 84 praised highly in the cooking of the Reimeonkim chef but suffered from the cooking of the steam Ppung writer “it is so tasteless”. It was Jeongho the soul shelf and spring lap, the shelf faced ‘the luxury cooking’ off with the theme. As to jeongho the soul chef, the spring turned on the steak using fat and meat around neck, the chef made the hamburger steak. The drafting 84 admired for the cooking of 2 cheves and emptied the plate. Meantime, JTBC ‘the refrigerator is asked’ the 201 time which this day is broadcasted Nielsen Korea standard watching by the whole country Ryul 3.4 % (under whole country charge platform furniture standard) was recorded on 30th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736701.htm, 2018/10/30 13:55:46]