The energy of a comment till Yoori Sa, from the Ganghanna


As to ‘all Ganeun 1,000 denomination of weight debts with a comment’, there is the proverb. On the other hand, there is the proverb. It is the sentence which it makes how ‘one horse’ is important to think once again. Importance of horse Maybe these feeling bitterly than someone think if the stars are not. It becomes ‘the concept star’ and it falls down to ‘the senseless celebrity’ of the moment mistakenly in a word. The star that was ruined by the end and prospers the thoughtless word in which our country and historically sensitive problem that is related to Japan or stars that became a hot issue with the concept speech were gone and gathered. It is ▼ broadcaster competent better. ‘the forming thoughtless word’ broadcaster competent of is gone out in 1 broadcast, it says in the Japanese broadcasting “99 people installed among 100 Korean entertainer” and there is adverse criticism. It appeared in Japan Yomiuri TV ‘the Ttokku profiteering Seamaotto Yo’ which last 27th which the competent appears is broadcasted and told about the molding of the Korean woman. He told that it was “when 99 people installs (molding) among 100 entertainers that I know” and not only entertainer but also people was doing in Korea much. After that, there are the lot of ” Korean entertainer friends and whenever it meets, the face is changed. Feel ashamed if it sees silently. It doesn’t tell ‘it did’. It did to it didn’t open and told to that place, be appearing these surprised. When forming the girl group, surely the member who doesn’t said include him. In the meantime, the face which it doesn’t ” molding is the popularity. The child who doesn’t mold in the girl group is purposely sent, there “***” this member is another. It is natural one. The charm stopped and that child added. The public opinion of the criticism is raining down from the domestic in relation with the speech of the Ganghan after broadcasting. It makes fuss about the truth that is not confirmed as if it is the just general compensation. ▼ Cho Hyeryeon and hand clapping in the Kimigayo? The image the first Korea gagwoman Cho Hyeryeon going into Japan falls to the thoughtless word. Cho Hyeryeon keeping the activity in Japan at the height of has to it does ‘all-in’ even while reducing the domestic activity about which it appears in the news or ‘3 rounds’ occasionally and attract attention. While being like that, when Kimigayo came out, then the scene in which it claps passionately was on the air through the broadcast and Cho Hyeryeon appearing on the Japanese program hired the large-scale dispute. The content that it seems to disparage Korea of was made frequent use as the gag meterial. Cho Hyeryeon didn’t know in relation with this whether it was the music in which ” Kimigayo song praises Japanese militarism. It know that be just the song of any kind of singer and the hand clapping was appraised and it explained. However, ‘the hiragana eulogy’ changing the lyrics ‘tokdo our land’ in after was recorded and many problems were caused and because of erasing the negative image, it was the inadequacy. The Hu jun Ho “how is the mood?” The actor Hu jun Ho visited the musical ‘gambler’ play for publicity Japan last May 2009. He was the situation where it rises suddenly as Korean entertainer in Japan with the Korean fever of the SBS TV show ‘all-in’ at that time. In the joint press conference site, when asking the situation which one Japanese press is related to the Dokdo dispute of Korea and Japan between two countries, then the Hu jun Ho had been betting briskly on the reporter. “how is the mood?” the pen of the reporter after that writing the composition in the reporter’s notebook is stolenAsked. The Japanese press looked at him in this in the vacant expression. This anecdote gives birth to the qualifier called ‘the concept actor Hu jun Lake’ and is well-known many times. It is one people among the star which is well-known for the extraordinary woman coming from Yoori Sa and concept speech comfort girl donation Japan and broadcaster Yoori Sa, moreover, ‘the concept speech’ to the publics. Yoori Sa spread the precedence contributing 30 million won to the House of Sharing which the former comfort women are living in 2012. Because it was the same woman rather than He appearing after broadcasting was ” Japanese, it became fond. Moreover, the people who are abundant in Korea liked and it thanked for one which it can appear and in Korea Broadcasting System and they told. Yoori Sa became the start putting the name as the more beloved star in the domestic by the comfort girl donation and concept speech.
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