The eyes circle and splendid debut disregard and it is the pole of… surprise lap.


The project girl group eyes circle (the IZ*ONE winning the first place in the state examination the soul, Miyawaki sakura, Yoori Cho, most example or Ahn Yoochin, Yae sub key Naco, Eunbee Kwon, Kang Hyewon, Honda Motor Co. Hitto U.S., Chaewon Kim, Minchoo Kim, and conspicuous color kite) held the splendid debut hazing but it is the inactive sound source grade the steps than the idea. It meets to be the unexpected ambush and pole lap. The Ollyeot the name in the 10th in the real-time music chart in 6 domestic sound source site including orle music, bucks, sound sea, Naver-music, and etc. the title song ‘la Vie En Rose’ (La Vie en Rose) of the first mini album ‘the color rise’ it brings out (COLOR*IZ) of the eyes circle which is defeated including the standard and melon at last 29th at 6 p.m. a.m. 9 on 30thAll. It is the other aspect with the child OR which made previously debut than the eyes circle person and one in which wanna circle occupied the first place of real-time chart after the sound source issue. The title song ‘la Vie En Rose’ (La Vie en Rose) is putting the message that it will make our together into the rose color life like the French title of the meaning that it is ‘the Jangmibit life’ with the passion of the eyes circle. The passion of the eyes circle was expressed as ‘the red rose’ and the debut and stage and love for the fans and passion were shown. On the other hand, the single ‘meet you’ put the single ‘meet you’ name in the first place of real-time music chart in 6 domestic sound source site it was the pole bringing out the day sound source lap. One in which at the moment that ‘meet you’ met the love man and it was unstable with the happy moment, the voice derives the hot reaction of the listeners it is the lyrical melody matching the chilly weather as the self-composed music it is the pole singing the time to it will have been being together lap and pole lap sweetIt has the eyes won showing the sound source grade which is a pity than one which met the unexpected ambush and which it expected. The global girl group which these are made of the appearance on the stage and vote of the nations in the popularity variety program ‘the produce 48’ of the For this reason, the popularity where there are the child OR debutting as the program in advance person and genealogy of wanna circle was expected. Be selected as the reason why the one, in which the right wing dispute, combination of the member, s who are unable to be harmonious and etc. was discussed as the obstacle from the debut moreover, the sound source grade is depressed. However, the dice was already cast. The eyes circle which the other has to freeze many obstacles differently in what the senior group child OR person and wanna circle locked ‘flowery path’ from the first time It is the thing to watch the history of the new inversion the Sseogal Ji over with the appearing in TV and active stage where there is the charisma.
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