‘the eyes circle boasted the highest in history beautiful face’


It attends the debut commemoration press conference which comes out of the most example of the group eyes circle (IZ*ONE) and the Yae sub key Naco, winning the first place in the state examination zero, Minchoo Kim, Eunbee Kwon, and Miyawaki sakura (the clockwise from the upper left) opens in the Songpa-gu Seoul Olympic hall in the afternoon on 29th and the photo time is taken. The eyes circle (IZ*ONE) comes and goes Korean and Japan between 6 months in 2 and 12 members who the final is selected as the project girl group made through ‘the produce 48’ which the AKB48 of the producer Yae key motto Seusea Ya of Korean ‘the produce 101’ and Japan maximum combines are planning to engage the activity.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736649.htm, 2018/10/30 05:00:03]