The fair mother side Yeppeun daughter…’The gyearyong fairy all ‘ pattern circle · tuition fee or mother and daughter change


The pattern circle is once surprised at one called the mother. The daughter the tuition fee country is surprised at one with no. 2. In the new comic fantasy drama ‘the gyearyong fairy former’, it is the end. The group multiplication table member and actor tuition fee who is the owner of the beloved actor pattern circle and fascination cute of was gone out by the pure and innocent beautiful face, the birth of ‘the visual mother and daughter’ was informed before. The impression keeping time in the cable channel is held in the p.m. 2 on 30th Seoul Yongdungpo-gu zero heavy dew Times Squre Amoris Hall which the pattern circle and tuition fee appears TvN new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the gyearyong fairy former’ (the script Kyongson Yoo · direction Kim Yooncheol) production presentation which as mother and daughter character was revealed. The pattern circle changes from the gyearyong fairy all ‘ into the fairy. It is 1 feeling unpleasant, that is the Koh Doshim and 2. While when the robe of feathers was lost on the fairy falls 699 years ago and it was unable to go up to the sky, the lumberjack and family was made, while the lumberjack passes away, it is resentful with the overburdened line precious stone man character. Come up to Seoul in order to discover the man who lives in the pole in the Mt.Kyeryong remained the line precious stone and is conjectured as the husband born again and meet him and run ‘the fairy tea room’. Play an active part as the daughter Soonlee Jeom character that is born between the line precious stone south and lumberjack whom the tuition fee appears. The rebirth was repeated and the mother line jade other was met. It was born in this time student of as the tiger and went and was a person through the training. The look was changed into the cat and it was changed into the man and does. If the lustful idea is done, the appearance is changed such as the tiger days tendency jumps out and the whisker comes up or the tail runs, etc. In this day production presentation, it seemed to stiffen a little and the pattern circle and tuition fee appears the talk began to be loosed and it was the nap of which the strain seems to be gradually eased the steps. 2 people revealed the diffident micro and expressed the affection boiling the Jogon team down. All Yeoreot the pattern circle and on the pole center breathing mouth firstly, the tuition fee of is gone out ” tension the tuition fee appearing was much done and the senior arranged well. If there was the part which is unable to be used in the set, I advised. The know-how was informed. I took a picture comfortably. So, the breath seemed to get better more over the time and it explained. The pattern circle recalled the time to hold up the casting news of the tuition fee for the first time and confessed the idea about him calmly. The pattern circle “the story that it went out of the tuition fee, it was cast to was listened and it harmonized with the cat image and was good” looked back. After that, when it met, the performance was together tried. (the tuition fee appears) the drama participation can be said to be the first time. The beginning “***” worry about is not worried but it wondered if it was how if they acted together and the role of mom I am comfortable. What is together was not awkward at all and it told and smiled. In addition, it expressed ‘it is loveable’ which it will carry the tuition fee. The idea that it can be the better environment because He will appear with ” relation of mother and daughter (I and tuition fee of is gone out, the good breathing is fitted. Therefore) gets. Because of being the daughter, Mina at gets to be looked endearingly and adorably. It was the friend which that fascination is abundant by the actual and told. After that, the tuition fee appears whether it was shy and the bright smile was shown. The Ppyeol paints magnetism curiosity leans any mother and daughter of smokes in the pole showing each other high desirability. The webtoon is the original with the comic fantasy drama drawing the story which meets the gyearyong fairy ago ‘the line precious stone south’ Chung I string (hyunmin Yoon) and Kim crack (seo Geehun) ‘ 2 man fortuitously and gets wider. The pattern circle raised the expectancy about the fun to be on this drama “there was the thirst which it would like to appear in the interesting work” “one which the viewer can see while they aren’t stressed”. ‘the gyearyong fairy former’ is having coming at November 5th 9:30 p.m. first broadcasting ahead.
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