The first place of star which it would like to do the new yeast W Aaron and Halloween day Cosplay together


The group new yeast W Aaron climbed the idol daytime rank site ‘the click Star Wars’ individual ranking 3 week series 1 Wi. Aaron, from 22nd until 29th, ‘the star that would like to do Cosplay with the Halloween day together?’737,393 tickets were gotten from ‘the click Star Wars’ 10 month fourth week person ranking vote progressing with the theme and it rose per B. The ace copper Korean translation of Chinese character learned 211,391 tickets that wanna circle steel Daniels learned 647,681 tickets and the later time was closely followed and it arrived safely at the third. If the artist takes care of the first place for 5 weeks in a row in the singer ranking, the click Star Wars ‘ screens 1 congratulation image in the display panel located in Sodaemun-gu and Japan Sinjukku. Especially ‘the click Star Wars’ delivers the trophy to the artist directly if the first place for 10 weeks in a row of is taken care. Moreover, the various privileges are provided such as showing the news of prize winning by the display panel located in Japan, etc. If it is the theme which is the glutinous rice cake to our Aaron in which ” Cosplay looks good, the party meets the ~ with the Halloween day Cosplay together, the nickname ‘Areumarittamnyang’ is likely to be so happy because of the personal ranking 1 news of Aaron. It seems to be the memory which it will be unable to forget the lifetime. The told to first place of our Aaron congratulate. As to the nickname ‘the Nyuit forever’, support the strong brother and you shining brightly anytime, where with the Aaron ~. It shines still but will shine more in the future. Root always in the side. It congratulated the Gwaga Ron fighting ~ new the yeast fighting ~”. Meantime, until November 5th 10 the month the fifth the week the vote come from 29th is proceeded in ‘the click Star Wars’.
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