The footprints.” which ‘1 anniversary of death’ Choohyeok Kim and He leaveIt misses still.


The Ji, in which the actor high (late) Choohyeok Kim leaves for our side already, the year 1 He who was endlessly likely to be in our side passed away by the accident of the suddenness at October 30th in 2017. The aspects of Choohyeok Kim cannot be any more seen and it is a pity and is and a pity. However, it remains in these one’s minds which there is a lot of the work which He leaves. 20 years of acting career The footprints which Choohyeok Kim leaves was followed. ◆ it is lonely if it is in “the eternal corner brother” ” home. It will be good if it went out to the outside. It would like to travel. The producer making the availiability produced the KBS2 variety program ‘the Happy Sunday-1 night 2 day’ season 3 revealed that Choohyeok Kim said at the time determining the appearance on the program in this way. It was perfect, Choohyeok Kim sharing the year 2 straight through captivated the viewers with the humanity which was lax and warm from December, 2013 until December 2015th. Choohyeok Kim got to learn the nickname that it is ‘the corner brother’ through ‘1 night 2 day’. It answered as ‘the orifice of spinneret tang’ and He got to soak ‘there is no use for a hound that has no hare to chase’ in the four-character idiom quiz as ‘the corner brother’. The start which becomes close with the audience came to him due to this. It was not afraid even though Choohyeok Kim was to be destroyed. The song hated like that was sung. The body was thrown against for ‘two days’ such as procuring in the cold bath., etc. PD making the availiability revealed that it was startled all of a sudden at the aspects of this Choohyeok Kim. Choohyeok Kim who cherished poisonousness ‘1 night 2 day’ members and loved, as to the actor finite number, that is his close friend, was jealous of. The finite number revealed “it entered ‘1 night 2 day ‘, it played with me everyday and it became difficult after this program to play and the envy appeared much”. Because of being so much in Choohyeok Kim and ‘1 night 2 day’ was the valuable existence. And ‘1 night 2 day’ heart Choohyeok Kim was the warm man who the actor Choohyeok Kim is not to the viewer. ◆ “it was the beginning now.” The villain and the second film for the acting career “receive the prize with the movie in 20 years.” All Yeoreot the second film for the acting career with Choohyeok Kim ‘coordination’ gas barrier opposite He specialized in the mail in the romantic comedy is the impressive villainous role due to Ppyeolchyeot in ‘coordination’. It told the agency NamooActors Chongdo Kim representative “it had trouble due to the role that it takes care in ‘ coordination ‘ much” of the Choohyeok Kim “even if this looks was seen, it could know whether it was the how many nice man”. Like this, the villain was not easy to him who is the warm man. However, he completed ‘the successive generations class villain’ gas barrier with the acting ability where there is the density. Many these favorable comments against were hit. Consequently, the first times were more awarded the life first best supporting actor award in Seoul awards. All Badat the interest Choohyeok Kim tells “it is 20 years of life of acting and the prize is first received in the movie” at that time His villain march continued. All Ppyeolchyeot the smoke which China drug dealer battle formation is stupid, it undertakes the role and Choohyeok Kim is exceptive in ‘supervising’ The deep impression was left to these which are many as much as it was selected as his ‘the life character’ that battle formation was stupid. The movie men expressed the regretful mind, saying that they were “it was a great fan if He saw the finished work. However”. And choohyeok Kim got the 55 time DaeJong Film Festival film festival best supporting actor award as ‘supervising’ at last 22nd. His agency Jun executive director took for sby the shape. The aspects of Choohyeok Kim earning the second opinion best supporting actor award was unable to be seen and many these aroused the sense of frustration. The holotype Ssi who is Choohyeok Kim and close brother showed regretful figure in ‘1 night 2 day’, saying that it was the start, ” (with the smoke) was now. ◆ it is the works which come to mind when leaving our ‘the melodrama king’ movie ‘photesthesis the one’s younger brother bedlamism’ ‘the wife got married’ which it will be left over in the one’s mind and performance success or failure of the drama ‘praha’s sweetheart’ work and recalling Choohyeok Kim. ㅇ looked good in him with the character who was especially simple and is warm. The confession was once poor at Choohyeok Kim at the front of woman like in the movie ‘photesthesis the one’s younger brother bedlamism’. If the rival appeared, hidden photesthesis role was undertaken for the peace. His genuine love story derived ‘maternal love’ to many women. The Bong Taegyu appearing together on the movie told “when photesthesis is actually the most similar in the character among the pole with the brother” at that time. It did and, the holotype Ssi “it was alike as much as ‘ you smoke was really comfortable and it told”, that is the close friend of Choohyeok Kim. In the movie ‘the wife got married’, it is the same. As to He, the attitude which it can be said to drive the roll which it will unavoidable in the declaration that the wife marrying me will get married with the other man has ‘Uppeun’ (it is funny and is sad) situation itself among the pole. If this character that is unable to profit to be like this was not Choohyeok Kim, was the number to imagine any kind of actor? Another fascination of Choohyeok Kim is well dirty in ‘praha’s sweetheart’. He undertaking the detective in charge of crimes of violence role among the pole showed simultaneously the soft appeal and it was masculine the female viewers were shot. Like this, choohyeok Kim who made our breast cry and was funny cannot see any more. However, it will be deeply left over in ours one’s mind as much as the work which He leaves.
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