The giving announcer and reason why it will be sour every Tuesday, it increases


The name of the announcer giving SBS appeared and in the Portal site real time searching Eo. The many netizens are wondering the reason why his name climbs the room sword every Tuesday. The thread is set up, the appearance is not first time. It will be sour with the last week before last on Tuesday, it rises per B. At that time, ace announcer is thankful for its own Instagram. The text that it is the doing a favor ” was left on Tuesday and ‘the power FM of the Kim Yeong iron’ image signal celebrated the image signal and credit of the Tuesday in the future on Tuesday. The reason why his name appears in the room sword what is every Tuesday. Ace announcer is donating the fixing to ‘the office worker life of research’, that is the Tuesday corner of SBS power FM ‘the power FM of the Kim Yeong iron’ broadcasted everyday at 7 a.m. The office worker life of research ‘ is the corner talking together the law in which it deals with many situations where the office worker can punish. Ace announcer joins in ‘the office worker life of research’ and is showing off the Kim Yeong iron and splendid skill at talking from last second. In the meantime, the Seoul Women’s University press image faculty from was graduated and the over year 2,016 1,700 the shot 1 the competitive rate was bored and ace announcer joined SBS.
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