‘the perfect others’ and booking rate 1 ‘the word of mouth effect’ in Geesu Kim dispute


The movie ‘the perfect others’ (the supervision suffering Gyu) having the unsealing ahead a day took care of the first place of booking rate. While the bout adverse criticism cleaned previously with the drunk interview of the performing actor Geesu Kim but ‘word of mouth’ of the audiences watching the movie in advance goes through, it is the favorableness the steps. More than 52,803 numbers of advance sales was recorded and ‘the perfect others’ took care of the first place of total booking rate according to the movie ticket integrated computer network on 30th. This is over the prior number of advance sales of the movie ‘lucky’ (the unsealing, a day, the former and 27,715 people) of the starring making the harmfulness, that is the successive generations domestic 10 month performance 1 Wi. Whenever the cellphone makes cry with the unique meterial that it is ‘the cellphone unlocking game’, this film presents the smile and thrill simultaneously. The unsealing is prepared in the audience compliance such as the dictionary monitor premiere grade 4.4 Jeom (5 Jeom perfect score standards) and nation-wide 5 shot the city premiere satisfaction is early to 89%, etc. However, there is the eye line of the concern done ‘it doesn’t have an effect on the movie’ due to Geesu Kim drunk interview controversy in some people. Geesu Kim upgraded the picture which the abstract umbrella children’s foundation children draw with the writing that it is on its own Instagram “the children who drew and was intimate” at last 23rd. In Geesu Kim ” one-sided bombing one netizen seen like the acquaintance left the comment called ‘the senior can be encouraged’ in this placard catalog Endure just. It gets cold considerably and it is wearing warmly the mind wishes to arrange well. The text was left it thanked. For the netizen “‘ one-sided bombing ‘ Irani one’s fault on is not reflected” seeing the comment of Geesu Kim, the reaction of “the apology was all the lie” back was connected. After that, geesu Kim deleted the relevant placard catalog. The voice of the criticism toward Geesu Kim seems to continue for a while. One making a blunder in the public relation interview previously was not enough. The dispute was due to be and made once. However, as to many netizen, s the movie and Geesu Kim controversy is making the voice that the cheer about the movie is needed saying that it has to see as the separate against. ‘the perfect others’ is the unpredictable talk getting wider due to the game which has to open compulsorily the call, culture, and Kakaotalk come on during the limited time from the couple meeting which seems to be perfect to the cellphone. The actor harmfulness battle formation, Jojinung, this paper weight, Chunga Yum, Geesu Kim, eulogy Ha gloss, and etc. appears. The length in seconds 115 minutes it opens on 31st It is 15 years old watchables.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736676.htm, 2018/10/30 10:24:15]