“the persistent prohibition of entry is done” till the national petition with the thoughtless word dispute it is the competent better


It is connected by the thoughtless word of the broadcaster Ganghan which is being active in Japan to the national petition. In the reason that it insulted the national anthem In the national petition bulletin board, the writing of ‘be the competent better and expel from the broadcaster Korea’ ‘do the persistent prohibition of entry to be carried the competent’ etc. is coming up. In the relevant posting, be the broadcaster competent which it betrays the country in order to go to ‘ Japan and make money better. Deprive the Korean nationality so that the broadcast can, be unable to come out. The detail is that written nation is needless. The competent went out of the reason why this kind of application text is continued, one speech was due to become a problem in one Japanese broadcasting. He appeared on Japan Yomiuri TV ‘the Ttokku profiteering Seamaotto Yo’ broadcasted at last 27th. He told that it was “when 99 people installs (molding) among 100 entertainers that I know” and not only entertainer but also people was doing in Korea much. After that, there are the lot of ” Korean entertainer friends and whenever it meets, the face is changed. Feel ashamed if it sees silently. It doesn’t tell ‘it did’. It didn’t open and told to that place and did to be the panels surprised. People told as if just Korea, mostly, the entertainer and they installed some people whom the competent appears with the molding. Since It becomes the starting point of debate to say this in the Japanese broadcasting, especially many these 0 minutes are bought. The netizen, as to “in the Japanese broadcasting, the country was betrayed in order to be seen well” is reacting to the speech of the Ganghan. It is the situation which it isn’t putting out any kind of situation that competent appears in relation with this. All Badat the interest ‘like the vegetable Japanese woman’ ‘the kyoto and whew’ back book which the broadcaster and author competent appears is published It is active as the reporter and actor who the competent which is active as Japan weather caster in 2007 and informs the face before appears.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736686.htm, 2018/10/30 10:21:27]