The rose color inversion fascination…’The debut ‘ eyes circle ” cheer will repay.


U.S. visited ” eyes Everyone pays attention at the moment when It becomes one. It has the eyes won. The project group eyes circle (the winning the first place in the state examination the soul, Miyawaki sakura, Yoori Cho, most example or Ahn Yoochin, Yae sub key Naco, Eunbee Kwon, Kang Hyewon, Honda Motor Co. Hitto U.S., Chaewon Kim, Minchoo Kim, and conspicuous color kite) bore the anticipation fullness and ㅇ gave notice of the start of the rose color flap of wings. The eyes circle held the first mini album ‘the color rise (COLOR*IZ)’ commemoration of sale press conference in the Songpa-gu Seoul Olympic Ro Olympic Park Olympic hall p.m. 4 on 29th. The eyes circle gets to engage the operation through the cable channel Mnet Korea and Japan collaboration audition program ‘the produce 48’ as the project girl group picked out among between 6 months in 2. It had the meaning that it is ‘as at the moment that one (ONE) comes to each Byeoldeul which has the color to go to 12s (IZ), It becomes one altogether’. The eyes circle members who wore the red costume of the other design and say the first greetings climbed the title song ‘la Vie En Rose’ stage after the photo time. The choreographing reminding of the red rose gave notice of the start of the tune with ㅇ. The appeal, that is the city of the eyes circle members showing the fascination in which ‘the produce 48’ appearance on the stage was cute at that time and which is cute, captivated the attention. It is the inversion fascination endlessly cute of the eyes circle from the youngest winning the first place in the state examination the soul, that is the age of 15, till 24-year-old gir’s eldest sister Eunbee Kwon. The feminine choreographing emphasizing 8 actions and curve is impressive than the knife group dancing in which the copper wire showing in ‘the produce 48’ is large. The title song ‘the La Vie En Rose’ is putting the message that it will make our together into the rose color life like the French title of the meaning that it is ‘the Jangmibit life’ with the passion of the eyes circle. The passion of the eyes circle was expressed as ‘the red rose’ and the debut and stage and love for the fans and passion were shown. The excited mind for the debut was born and the eyes circle members finishing the stage succeeded the album and tune introduction. The winning the first place in the state examination the soul which was in the first place of ‘the produce 48’ final ranking and is selected for ‘center’ decided on the index ‘ red ‘ showing “10 tablet as the center color. ‘the Rose’ which was strong and passionate was done with the concept, it explained. The aspiration which no making the debut looked forward releases and determination spread. Eunbee Kwon will try always. As much as there were the people who it will be the eyes won repaying the cheer and who rooted for “the winning the first place in the state examination the soul” and who wait, it will visit and the mind was frequently more much revealed through the various activities. The eyes circle released the first mini album ‘the color rise (COLOR*IZ)’ this day at 6 p.m. And it held the debut Syo cone eyes circle ‘the color rise’ Syo cone at 8 p.m.
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