The Seo Gyeong-deok “the thing it reports the bulletproof Boy Scouts disparagement media and fear which are felt, as if”


The advice the news in which the Sungshin Women’s University Seo Gyeong-deok professor criticizes the group bulletproof Boy Scouts was given to the ultra-rightist medium ‘tokyo sports’ of one Japan. Professor Seo is the person who notifies Korean and Tokdo, and etc. to the whole world recently and is being active as Korean public relations specialist. Professor Seo uploaded the writing of the palm pattern started “and absurd fault was caught up to putting our bulletproof Boy Scouts in the media called ‘ Tokyo sports ‘ of the Japan” on its own Instagram on 30th. He wrote “it began to find fault SNS writing which the member RM raises in the moment of time when it has the Japan tour ahead 5 years ago. It blamed for the conventional word ‘ which it uses when ‘ Korea criticized Japan about the using phrases that it was hopeless in the people forgeting ‘ history”. After that, it pointed out as “the quite poor press company which it calls the place called this ‘ Tokyo sports ‘ before the several months as the war criminal which Seo Gyeong-deok professor of ‘ Korea will raise the rising sun persistently and in which the absurd fault article is the major”. In the meantime, it told “it is clear to be the aware that a comment of the bulletproof Boy Scouts can have an effect on the whole world fault” “it can see to be the paragraph which it feels the fear which is big in the global clout of the bulletproof Boy Scouts”. The sol, it stands as the end and the professor is “so now, when our bulletproof Boy Scouts thinks at the article of this Japan it scratches that there is no need that it pays attention one by one” and there is very ” these days Japanese Government and press. The finish wrote the writing to be the situation ” where the impatience appeared in order to it was ‘Pact’ illegal always, make ‘fault’ and ‘scar’ now and there is. The ultra-rightist media ‘tokyo sports’ of previously over 26 days (local time) Japan made the report which the bulletproof Boy Scouts criticizes ‘the anti-Japanese is active’ and there was adverse criticism. This medium published the article of the title that it is “absurd ‘ atom bomb T-shirt ‘ of Korean ·BTS and Japan criticism tweeter of the leader”. These were condemned because the bulletproof Boy Scouts was installing ‘the anti-Japanese activity’. This SNS writing which drew and which RM uploads 5 years ago and T-shirt which the member Geemin wore was pointed out. Even it pointed out as “the action in which this action of bulletproof Boy Scouts is absurd” and condemned “it is the half of (the bulletproof Boy Scouts) due to the deep-rooted complex”. In the meantime, north America and the first European tour were successfully finished recently and ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ tour is planning to be kept in come Japan between from November 13th two days.
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