The vacuole queen advance notice.” which ‘the Yeo cry’ hand is betterThere is lots to look within a drama character.


The member Sonnaeun of the girl group A pink plays role of the first starrings in the horror movie ‘the Yeo cry’ (the supervision pliability) and it attracts and there is. Sonnaeun is the cubic character who gets to face the hidden secret of the family among the pole and is gradually changed into the active woman. He revealed the appearance on the stage reason through “there seems to be too much that character that it is jade powder looks like me” “it appeared in the lines but even though the several scenarioes were read from the appearance of jade powder has been open up the life of one, it was dragged” the distributor smile person NT. In the current work, sonnaeun is planning to show the inversion fascination through the delicate facial expression acting and eyes strong. In spite of being the character who is not easy, yeongson Yoo supervision studied and tried very. The Sonna debt of gratitude image and action one by one was well separated from jade powder with the Mat child and it praised. Sonnaeun had been engaging previously the performance activity which the drama ‘no child’ ‘the number of abundant harvest’ ‘the second opinion twenty’ ‘the news of the Cinderella and 4 people’ ‘the farewell which is the most beautiful in the world’ etc. is constant including the movie ‘your precious letter of the glory 5-one’s family in the one’s family’. The interest is concentrated if the strong acting ability can be shown in the current work. Among these, ‘the Yeo cry’ gave the unsealing ago and 20 country precedence selling news and notified Simsangchian reaction in advance. The smile person NT, on 30th, “the decision made the sale in 20 countries including U.S.A, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong kong, Macao, and etc” ” Thailand and Singapore and MalaysiaIt was having within the year unsealing a period ahead and revealed. ‘the Yeo cry’ is the mystery horror movie faced with the truth cool of which it cannot imagine the jade powder that gets to let the foot in one mansion in which the strange death which it doesn’t know the cause is continued fortuitously (the person who is the hand better) and Shin wife (the Seo YoungHee) Lee inside of a house keeping a secret. Come November 8th is opened and it is 15 years old watchables. The length in seconds 94 minutes
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