The Wiener Minhoh Song and solo debut decision.’The strong fourth ‘


The Idol group Wiener (seongyoon Kang, two wins Korean translation of Chinese character, Minhoh Song, and Chinwoo Kim) member Minhoh Song foretold the solo debut. Minhoh Song agency YG entertainment published the solo album poster of Minhoh Song in the formal blog on 30th. The sentence called the album order ‘XX’ and ‘2018.11.26’ is contained in the poster. The aspects of Minhoh Song which the blue background inside undertakes alone makes so that it can wonder if He does new any kind of change with this activity. YG entertainment opened 11 month comeback advance notice previously and didn’t inform of the exact debut date. However, the debut thing was formulated by this poster and the curiosity of the fans was resolved. On the album title ‘XX’ ” slang is expressed or when showing BLANK (blank), He writes down according to the agency. The analogical reasoning is possible if what is at within this and there is no correct answer. It wanted to be freer and it revealed. The album this time name is the idea of Minhoh Song begining for someone for the various interpretations from the intention which there wanted to be no limit in this meaning. Previously, YG Yang Hyun-Suk representative producer goes through its own Instagram on 24th and the spoiler installs surprisingly the music video shoot field of Minhoh Song and it pulls the expectation up onto fully. Meantime, come November 26th the debut first solo regular album of Minhoh Song is released.
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