The Yuhye main part, surprisingly, the marriage announcement…”The congratulation ” it doesn’t know it is someone


While the good looker from shopping mall CEO Yuhye state announces the marriage news surprisingly, many interest oves the netizens is pouring. In order to report the news which is good for its own Instagram on 28th, the Yuhye week got to write the composition. ㅇ gave the marriage news, saying that there were the guessing people from old times but I got married. After that, its own thought was added as “I was remembered as the page one of the memory whether it was the someone. The interest was had so far to me and any kind of these thought and through the instar in this way that happy news of would better be given”. Saying that the Yuhye main part is the someone, the several netizens is the interest which is many in him on the marriage announcement which it is unable to expect the steps. “even if it doesn’t know whether it is the someone, it congratulates” (rock****) “the person, today, for the first time, the Boㅠ” (nadi****) in the netizen the related news comment window and “… who does the Yuhye main part suppress…”(jich****) the text of the, “the Deut it will know if the Yuhye state is passable and in which the symmetries in 90 have ㅋ age or which doesn’t know the children distance between two stages” etc. was left. The netizen who on the other hand is presumed as the fan of the Yuhye main part “the flower?Hyechoo sister is beautiful than the bouquets flower”The, “the credit Nim… is happy from my middle school times”The, “the ~ Hyechoo sister flowery path is the calling” and “the couple… in which it was really good-looking, the husband feels sorry for the expression with… end” The message of the etc. of was given. In the meantime, the reserve bridegroom and painted candles which it is known with the aviation industry employee is planning to be turned on in April next year.
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